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December 22, 2011

3 days

Santa will be here soon! I hope everyone has their presents wrapped& all their shopping done! I'm heading out now to brave the world that is the mall. I'm actually dreading it. Also, my poor little blog will probably be quite neglected the next few days while I relax with friends& family! I will return with lots of photos, including a photo shoot that I have tomorrow! Should be exciting& fun. The girl is gorgeous so it'll be very easy to make her look good.

For now, I'll leave you with this present. My mom is the best gift wrapper ever ..that is one thing that isn't genetic. I am awful but slowly getting better. I hope you all are enjoying your last few days leading up to Christmas! I will probably post a sneak peak tomorrow of the photo session& then be done until after Santa arrives ;) I have a few giant linkups coming your way that make for awesome posts! Both of them are completely finished& contain all kinds of fun photos that I've taken over the year. Some of them never even made it on the blog. Should be exciting. Now, I'm off to go to the mall. My saving grace for making this trip bearable will be purchasing myself a smoothie from Orange Julius. Bring on overpriced blended fruits :D

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