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December 28, 2011

Oh, Christmas.

So I accidentally linked up my Top 11 of '11 yesterday instead of today. My bad. I hope you all enjoyed your early preview of one of my linkup posts for the end of the year. The biggest (in terms of photos included ..I have no idea which is actually 'bigger' in terms of coolness) linkup happens on January 1st. You know what that means, right? Curl up with your favorite hangover cure& enjoy looking through some great photos! I think that sounds like one the best ways to start off 2012. I know I'm excited!

Remember that time I mentioned I had a fabulous Christmas? Well, I meant it. I really, really did. I still do. I had a great Christmas with my family& I got some amazing gifts! I'm planning on putting my running gear to the test in a few short minutes. First, I have to tell you about the second part of my Christmas that put a dark spot over all the good moments. My uncle came to visit with his pup, Joey. I love this dog& I looked after her for 5 days until my uncle got here. On Christmas day, he pulled me aside to ask me if I would like to take Joey. He was too busy between school& work fulltime. My mom told me to seriously think it over. About 26hrs later, I had weighed the pros& cons of taking a 7yr old King Charles. I decided that I would take her. She's great. She's low maintenance. She's a huge lovebug. I told mom my decision& got in the shower super excited.

Fiften minutes later, I got out of the shower. Mom& Dad were in the kitchen& I was standing there in a towel, showing off my discolored skin from an over-dyed teal sweater. The following conversation occurs:

Dad: What do you guys think of Joey living in Antigonish?
Mom: I think Joey is going to live here!
Dad: What do you mean?
Mom: Yvonne is going to take her.
Dad: Well, someone better let [other uncle's name here] know. Because he thinks the dog is going to his house.
Yvonne: I need to get back in the shower.
[I really did. I was STILL teal. I also needed to cry.]

It has been 2 days since that conversation occurred. I'm not very impressed at all. It was super mean& cruel to do to me. I am actually sort of heartbroken because all I want is a new dog/ puppy. My Squirter is getting older& I've been asking for a younger dog for quite some time now .. it's not exactly a secret. I was so excited for the whole thing. I'm not mad at my other uncle who is taking Joe, he's great& she'll be loved. I am very mad at Joey's owner for asking two people at once to take the dog. There was no way that was going to work out. I'm trying very hard not to let that dampen my spirits but I am truly devastated because I had it all figured out in my head& was just starting to get super excited when it all changed. I wish he just had of never asked me in the first place.

So the moral of the story? If you ever need to give up an animal, don't promise the animal to two people. The only thing that will happen is that your niece who used to think you were pretty awesome will be forever disillusioned about you. Chances are good she'll never speak to you again because, really. You crushed her little heart. Also, I didn't write this post to be mean or passive aggressive or anything. Seriously. It's my blog& I write about what happens to me. This was a big thing in my world. I guess because I thought once I decided yes, that was it. In my mind she was instantly mine until she passed away. Guess again, Yvonne..

Also, I also didn't get to FutureShop in time to upgrade my flash& I spilled milk all over the counter. Basically, Christmas was great but the holiday season in general has not been.

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