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December 29, 2011

Mini Shack

That is what we lovingly call the garage where my parents keep their cars. The Mini lived there first, so it's named after her! Last night, we had a family Mini Shack meeting. It was fun uncle bet me $100 I couldn't drink a whole quart. I said 'Watch me.' then he went home& I went to bed after consuming a quarter of the bottle. We're clearly party animals. There were lots of dogs there as well. Okay, three. But that is three times as many as I usually have in my house! Squirt, Joey& Lola. But WHO is Lola you demand? Well, allow me to present to you a photo of Lola in the light box.

Lola is three& has a severe under bite. She cracks me up. So we threw a bow on her head& made her stay in the light box. Thanks, Hodder family for lending me your dog! Also, thank Jess for hanging out with me yesterday& bringing me delicious shortbread cookies to decorate& eat! Using a flash+ the light box = a whole new challenge. I'm going to have to work on this. Hopefully, Squirt will become more cooperative in the new year since he's had a giant break from it.

Turns out my uncle is leaving a few days early. He's out of here tomorrow. Perfect. I don't particularly care if I never see him again. I'm trying not to be sour but he hasn't even told me I'm not getting Joey yet. He's barely spoken to me& as time passes I'm less likely to accept his apology. Oh well. On a brighter note, I'm throwing on some running clothes& going out into the -10C weather with 60km/h wind. I plan on running myself out of this funk completely! Wish me luck.

What do you do when you're in a funk? Any advice to help me shake this feeling?

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