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December 30, 2011

Remember when..

I posted a few photos of levitation? I even showed you guys how to make your own floating photos! I am such a kind soul. Well, it seems like I forgot about levitation. At least, it has been awhile since I posted any photos on the blog of floating people. The other evening when the Hodder family was here, my uncle wanted a floating photo. Perfect. I busted out the tripod& got set up. Since we spent the whole Christmas season with no angel on our tree, I figured that we would get him putting it on. End result?

Also, Craig is short ..our tree isn't that tall ;) So this is Craig floating to the top of the tree to finally get the angel in her place of honor. Except it was all just for show& right after this photo she went right back into her packaging. Poor angel, maybe we'll get you up next year!

So is everyone busy making New Years Resolutions? I haven't. I need ideas. If you have a resolution, let me know. Maybe seeing other peoples will help me decide on one. Or, maybe no one is doing resolutions this year. Which would be fun, too ;)

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