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December 16, 2011

Holiday Cheer

Not really feeling it but trying very hard to find it! I can't believe Christmas is so soon. Last evening, we got our tree up so I suppose Mom& I will put some lights on it tonight. I am looking forward to that, I suppose. Although I'd have preferred if we ended up with the artificial plum-colored purple tree we saw in a store. So much less work& gorgeous to boot. We could have put silver, teal& pastel purple bells on it with white lights. I think that will be the tree my kids grow up with. Sorry, kiddies. Go to grandma& grandpas to see the real deal! On that note, here's a photo of a tree I took the other evening! I will post some of mine when it's got some lights on it.

Yes, I cut the top off. Her room wasn't big enough for me to get far enough away to include the whole thing. It's not the best but it certainly shows off how stunning her tree was! I got them to turn all the lights off, dropped my ISO to 100, turned up my aperture to 11& left the shutter open for 20 seconds. I just wish I had of been able to incorporate the whole thing. Oh well!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend ..I'll see you folks here on Sunday for the Scavenger Hunt! I'm spending today& tomorrow trying to get 4/5 prompts ..hopefully I'll manage!

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