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December 15, 2011

Crazy cats

*Before today's regularly scheduled post let's take a moment to appreciate what I spent all of yesterday doing. Setting up an online store through InstaProofs for people to order prints online. If you're looking for a fabulous place to have people look through& purchase photos, this is it! Amazing. I am in love ..perfect for my small little side business. So far, I only have a few of the older photos uploaded but it will be filled as photo sessions get added to it! Also, you can check out my store (<-direct link so you don't have to click the tab) anytime by clicking my newest tab up top there called 'Prints'. Now back to the regularly scheduled post.

Remember how I mentioned in my last post that I took some photos of cats (I did mention that, right)? Well, now those photos are edited& ready for some blog exposure. I'll admit it. I am SO not a cat person. I may, however, be a fan of photographing cats that other people own. They are funny& do strange things. You can't really make them do stuff (suddenly Squirt seems like the easiest subject everrr)& you have to play by their rules. I can appreciate that. So the other evening, I photographed two cats- Bob& Nipper. Nipper is the cat with the white on his face. Bob hated the entire thing while Nip was pretty sure he was auditioning to be America's Next Top Cat. They were cute& absolutely enamored with the tissue& wrapping paper. Then I had the owner's hold the treats directly above my head to make them look at me. It worked really well! We ended up with some pretty hilarious photos. Festive Christmas cat photos? Check.

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Too funny. Bob looks so sweet& relaxed in that photo. You'd never know he was contemplating his escape the entire time! What more can you ask for in a photo than cats, Santa hats& Christmas tree bokeh? I'd say not much! My most favorite photo from the entire shoot wasn't of Bob though. It was of Nipper& his owner. His owner is a gorgeous girl with long, red hair. She was holding him trying to convince him it would be alright& I somehow snapped a really sweet shot of them.

It was just such a sweet moment because she didn't even know that I was snapping photos. She was just snuggled up with him telling him to stop being silly& pose for the camera. What do you think? I had a hard time deciding what photos to post for you guys because I genuinely love the majority of them! If you're interested in what the rest of the photos look like the album is right here! Check them out even if you're not a cat person but especially if you are! Thanks to Bob& Nipper for playing models. Thanks to their owners, too, for letting me manhandle their kittens. You guys rock :)

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