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December 14, 2011

Santa& cats

Santa& cats were my subjects yesterday. Along with the kiddies who sat on Santa's lap. My girlfriend works at a daycare& she asked me to stop in to snap the photos of the kids. So I got some pretty cute shots of them (thank you, ghetto flash)& overall I actually really love how they turned out! I ended up with 94 photos. Some of the kids were just as cute as little buttons! Due to confidentiality, I can't post any photos of their faces lest I find myself in jail for Christmas. I do, however, have some really sweet shots of a few girls running up to& hugging Santa.

Linked to {snapped}& Wordless!

She was just the cutest little thing. She couldn't wait any longer to say hello so she ran up to him early. So adorable! Santa wasn't toooo mad that she came up before it was really her turn. What a good, easygoing guy that Santa Clause is! Also, see how you can't tell I took that with my regular old pop-up flash? I have a really cool trick that I learned. I may have blogged about it but I can't remember. It's not a perfect solution but it was definitely wayyy better than having horrible photos with crappy flash lighting. That room was basically super dark with only a tiny bit of natural light from right behind Santa& then the Christmas tree. All things considered, I impressed myself!

Afterward, my mom& I hung out. First we dropped some lasagna off to my boyfriend& then we headed to her friends' house where I took 124 photos of her two cats. Yup ..I'm editing them now so check back tomorrow to see the end results. I'm so not a cat person but I have to admit these ones are pretty funny!

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