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December 13, 2011

Write off

That's what yesterday was. I barely remember yesterday AM when I taught swimming lessons. Yes, I was that tired. It's times like that I'm glad I keep my kid's lesson sheets up to date because I have no idea what they've done a mere day later. After teaching, I helped mom put the new mattresses on the beds ..which was a struggle when mine wouldn't fit. Since we're geniuses, we made it work. Then it was off to play with Finn! You guys might remember her. This dog has boundless energy! I think for every kilometre Kelly& I walked, she ran two.

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After my photodate (like that new word I just made up?) with those two, I headed off to the Black Spoon restaurant with my two girlfriends who used to blog but gave it up. Although you'll remember Meg because she owns La Quaintrelle (and if you're really observant, you might even recognize the photo on the front page ..any guesses where you might have seen it?). Moral of the story is that the food was delicious, the company was fabulous& I need more of these ladies in my life! Then I decided to go swimming ..I managed 6 laps, 2 dives& 45 minutes in the sauna. Hello, productivity fail. Perhaps I'll manage better on Wednesday evening ..tomorrow I have a 10k run in the books for myself. Praying the weather gods decide to be agreeable& give me some decent weather for it!

So now I'm laying on the couch falling asleep& watching a horror movie. I have another busy day ahead of me tomorrow but thankfully, swim at school is over until January! I am going to love every minute of the Christmas break from them ..that much I know. Just thinking about teaching 14 kids at 10AM is making me tired!

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