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December 18, 2011

2 Sleeps

I know what you're thinking. I must be realllly bad at counting. Santa isn't coming in a mere two sleeps (who's grateful for that?! I know I am). Even better than Santa. In a mere two sleeps, my uncles' dog Joey will be arriving. Joey is a King Charles Cavalier& she's coming without him for 4 days so I get to dogsit until he gets here. I think Joey coming home might be my favorite part of this Christmas so far ;D I promise a few photo sessions with the little munchkin. Joey's real name is Josephine so don't be alarmed that I called the pup a 'her'. No gender confusion for Joey!

For now, though, I have some photos for the Scavenger Hunt (don't forget to check out the other entries)! I am on a ROLL. Three consecutive weeks of participation! Go me. Now, onto the prompts.

1. What is it- Go ahead. Try& guess. I have no idea if this is easy to guess or not but if it turns out to be easy, I can make it harder by simply saying 'Guess the size!'. Trust me, you're not going to be able to do that. Try you're best though!

2. Fur baby sleep- I'm going to admit defeat on this photo. It is so rare to catch my dog sleeping& I don't have access to other dogs or sleeping kids. On that note, I'm using a photo from September. I re-edited it though& I'm cheating even more because he's not technically sleeping. Just yawning. I love this photo though!

3. Joy- I had a photo shoot the other day with two sweet little boys& their pup. What says joy more than brothers who are friends, beagles& Christmas trees? I'm pretty sure nothing! Check out how cute they are. I love how happy the boys look in the photo ..while the poor dog looks like he just wants the whole thing to be over so he can take off the red scarf& go back to bed.

4. Window- Cars have windows. Except not this one. This is a model convertible. I'd say what kind of car& the year but I'm definitely not that good at vehicles. It's cute though& I really liked the shot. So it's not exactly a window ..but I get creative license, right ;) Hey, at least it's not a photo booth shot of myself like last week! Thanks Dad, for having a cute little car in the living room.

5. Half- So many great options for this. So little of them done. I thought my interpretation was clever half of a pair of Uggs! I didn't even bother to clean the boot before it had it's photo session. What can I say. I was going for authenticity? I'm lazy? The boots look better dirty? I'll let you decide what my reasons were! Poor Ugg. Without his partner this close to the holidays! Thankfully, I reunited them immediately after finishing with him!

Tada! That's my scavenger hunt for the week. Now I'm off to do the dishes& eat some peanut butter sandwiches. I might even hang out with my dog. What an exciting evening! Leave a comment letting me know what you think of my interpretations& if you're participating too! Can't wait to see the other link ups :)

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