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December 19, 2011

No Joey

Joey didn't arrive today. It was a sad day. She will 100% be arriving tomorrow. I cannot wait to play photographer with her :D In order to cheer me up, my uncle came over with his dog+ my aunts dog, Boots! You might remember him from an earlier post. So we went for a very cold afternoon walk to the beach with Squirt, Murphy& Boots. It definitely helped ease the pain of not having Joey around. I brought my camera& snapped some photos. Here is the old Murph ..very photogenic!

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Then Mom wrapped presents& decorated the tree while I watched& helped sort of. I held the ribbon in place& untangled lights. I was the backbone of the evening, obviously. I also got my present done for the pool's Secret Santa tomorrow night. I think it's a pretty decent gift considering that we can only spend $10. I'm not gonna lie ..the card+ frame cost more than that by a whole $4 ..which is really blowing the budget when you consider I went 40% over. Aw well, Colin is a good guy. Plus, how sad is it you can't get a card for less than $3.89+ taxes? Incredibly sad. On that note, I'm off to curl up in bed with a book& enjoy a quiet evening with my aching back. Hope you all had fabulous Christmas-filled Mondays!

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