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September 19, 2011

Rambling really

*No Rounder today because Sarah is busy with her life. Pfft ..someone should tell her that's no excuse ;) She may get me a post sometime throughout the week though so you may still get a post from her, just later in the week! Also I'm going to be attempting to change the layout around on the site if you stumble unto it while it's a mess -I apologize in advance!

So post-race life is good. I plan on laying in my bed all day today and using the excuse that I worked really hard yesterday and after that I am making my boyfriend buy me an ice cream for the same reason. Last night I enjoyed an evening of giving pony rides and riding myself. Little Marley was fabulous and did everything I asked of her. There are lots of photos but none of them were taken with my camera and therefore I have none to show you. Sorry, guys! I do, however, have one from when the horse whisperer was in town. This is Lila ..the pony I rode two evenings ago in the pitch black with  a flood light guiding us around the round pen! She was such a gem. I am pretty sure there are photos from the event& if I ever manage to get a hold of them, I will post them for your enjoyment.

So now I need a little more energy& some things to photograph. I would love to do another portrait session but I'm not sure how to convince people I'll make them look fabulous. More and more people seem to be interested in letting me photograph them though so I'm taking that as a positive sign! Now if only I would win a camera lens or figure out how to get a free sample lens from Canon or Tamron. They must just be giving them away to some people ..people who have popular blogs, which I can safely say I do not have! Wonder how hard it would be to convince them otherwise?! Dream big, right?

Hopefully I will have a few newer photos for you guys in the near future! Until then I hoped you enjoyed my completely random and not really exciting update. I was going to enter some photo competitions but then I realized they were a lot of work& required that I was in the photo. To be honest, right now I look like death and wasn't overly interested in taking my own photo then posting it all over for a photo contest. Trust me, I look that bad. So instead I'm going to go take a shower then maybe I'll revisit the self-portrait but for now I'm fine not being in front of the lens ;)

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