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September 18, 2011

10k conquered

Yes. I survived my run this AM. I was out until 1AM eating marshmallows& having chats ..which really only upped my anticipation for this morning. I did manage to be up at 6AM, chow down a breakfast, prepare and head out. I remembered everything I needed to remember& mom came out to play photographer. Thanks for standing there while I ran, mom. You are the best :D

The day started out very cold. 6°C (43°F if you're American)! So I wore my running pants+ jogging pants and a running sweater+ jacket. I forgot, however, that we live in Cape Breton. A place where the weather never stays the same for long.. by the time it was race time I realized I made a vital error. I forgot to bring a not-long-sleeved top to run in. It wasn't tooo bad at first but by the midway point, my poor arms were uncomfortably hot. I pushed through and managed to survive the full 10k. Not only did I survive it but yes, folks, I met my goal. I ended up with a 57:14 time. Awesome. I am so pleased with that because I really wasn't confident at all going in ..don't forget I've been doing 0 running lately until 7 days ago.

Tiff, Meg& myself!
My half marathon runner& fellow 10k'er :D

I was nervous when they called us into the gate ..nervous might be an understatement. I stood there thinking about how the volunteers will have to scrape me off the road and how at the very least it would make a good story of failure for the blog. Thanks, guys. Always enabling me to see the good in every situation! Just before the gun went off, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It made me laugh .. it made me smile .. it made me less nervous. And no, it wasn't rockets for my runners (I wish) but it was a really hilarious sign that just screams 'Cape Breton'. I made Mom take a photo of it when I was finished of my run just for you! It will, hopefully, give you a chuckle as well.

You can run right good!
Too funny ..thanks for the boost, plaid lady.

So the gun went off and I figured I'd try to make the best of it. So off I went with Meg's mom as my pacer and I stuck with her pretty long until falling back when I realized how quickly I was moving and how little I had run leading up to this point! Turns out I probably could have powered through a few minutes quicker than I did but that's okay I said, I met my goal. The race was pretty uneventful but I chatted with a few people I knew along the way so that was good. There were quite a few spectators cheering along the way& music was playing from different areas along the route. It was a good run& definitely couldn't ask for better weather ..or a better ending- I FINISHED. Truly wasn't sure that was going to happen when I started out ahaha Mom managed to snap a photo of me crossing the finish line& there was a photographer there as well taking photos so I'll see if I can find that in a few days when they get put online! For now, enjoy the photo Momma took. I clearly look in pain. I love finish line photos ..they are never attractive (or at least not of me) but they are an awesome reminder that you did it!


So that is my race recap for today. Currently I'm enjoying some tv and a lot of water. Later this evening I will be riding one of the little ponies (Lila) again. A recap will be coming of that tomorrow ..for now I've flooded you enough with my words& photos and I still can't believe it's only 1:45PM. Anyone else racing this weekend or anytime soon?! What distance are you doing, if you are? Do you run with music? I can't because it gives me a headache after awhile of it thumping in my ears. I am so glad I ended up doing this run!

My 10k partner!
Awesome job, girly.

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