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September 17, 2011

Running 10k

So my big 10k is tomorrow! I took yesterday& today off because I felt 2 days of running really was enough to prepare me for tomorrow at 8AM. Sure ..I'll just tell myself that all day and then tomorrow evening I'm going on a trail ride (will bring my crappy point& shoot along for some photos). No photos were taken yesterday so you guys are all spared being flooded with horse photos ;D

Instead you have to listen to how nervous I am about my run tomorrow. I am not really prepared aside from a new outfit& shoes. I am also carbo loading& picking up my race package this evening ..which I can do. Then just to get a good sleep, wake up on time and head into my 10k run thinking positive. There will be proof that I finished this race (assuming I do) thanks to my mom. She also painted my nails this afternoon so at least they will look pretty when crossing the finish line! I crossed the line last year ..I did 5k in 29:58 or something after only training for about 3wks. Here is my beautiful photo:

Yay! Cannot wait to add to it this year ..hoping to run my 10k in under an hour but not 100% certain it's going to happen. I am planning on getting a great sleep tonight and just friggin' giving it my all tomorrow. I'll take the incredibly sore legs and the pain. All I have to do tomorrow is laze around the horse barns anyway so it's not too much of a big deal. I also have to remember to take pain meds before the run so my shoulder doesn't start hurting ..anyone have a spare shoulder I can replace my crappy one with?

Come on lulu& Nike, help me break my goal of 10k in under an hour! I wish there was some secret to preparing for a race in under a week ..oopsy. Oh well for now I'm off to get a nice hot shower and head out for some supper! Wish me luck for tomorrow AM :/

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