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September 15, 2011

On the agenda

First up? Notice anything different about the blog? If this is your first time visiting, you don't have to answer ;) Every other reader out there?! Hopefully you guys noticed! My blog is completely different in terms of design. What do you think? I LOVE my new header. Seriously love it. So what do you folks think about it? Should I keep it or should I toss it? Let me know :D

 My photo for LEM this week.
The prompt is light ..I like to use Haflingers for my LEM entries.

Today it is gorgeous out! Yesterday was gorgeous as well ..I'm pretty sure the weather gods either felt guilty about our crappy summer or they confused us with some other place. If the latter, I'm sorry other place that you are now getting all our brutal weather ..but we're sure enjoying your fabulous sunshine! I should actually just turn my blog into a weather blog seems like I talk about it a lot. I can't help it. I've always loved the weather& talking about it, even when I was a little girl I wanted to be a meteorologist! Except then I found out it was hard with a lot of math& science. Peace out, meteorology school. Maybe I just want to be the lady who points to the cold streams and high pressure systems. That I can do.

So now that I've discussed my love of weather, I have nothing really much else to say. I started working on the Scavenger Hunt again for this week& I might actually finish it this time! Who knows ..but I'm working on it. One of the prompts, however, is Sunday. A day of the week. How do you suppose I capture that? I am at a loss for ideas. Oh well. I managed to take a cool photo of a chain on a swing the other day that I completely forgot to upload so I'll include it now.

Oh today is also 'I Learned' on Click It Up a Notch and so I guess I should include something that I learned this week, huh? This week I learned that I need to always remember to bring my camera with me (how many times have I said this now?!) because last night there was a bat sleeping on the side of the pool& I didn't have any way to take his photo! So disappointing. Lesson learned! From now , my camera is coming everywhere I go. I am determined to make this happen ..I have missed so many good photo ops because my camera was tucked away at home. Grrr. Here is the photo I promised ;D And don't forget to check out Click It Up a Notch& see what others have learned!

I'm not exactly sure what I like about it ..but I do like it! Tomorrow I'll be spending the day with Crystal so you can be sure that it will be an update filled with ponies& photos. Try not to groan too loudly! I've been doing good at keeping the ponies out of the blog, wouldn't you agree?! I promise to only include really striking photos and if they all manage to fit into the scavenger hunt topics then I won't include any of them ;D

So for the rest of today I plan on enjoying some exercise, sunshine& a walk with the puppers. I think I'll also drag the camera out to take some photos. I want a photo of a hay field ..perhaps I'll wake up early tomorrow and try to get a foggy photo of one. I know there's still hay on some fields and I have to get a run in before my fun-filled day. The Fiddler's Run is on Sunday and so far I've run once!

Nonetheless, I am super excited for the race& for a fun filled Saturday evening with my girlfriends eating pasta& checking out the expo! Road races are the best. The atmosphere is so unique and fun. Everyone is there because they share a common love- running! Anyone else love races? I also really enjoy the post-race snacks of water, fresh fruit& milk. I would say that alone is reason enough to sign up and try to survive 10k! Which means that you will probably also be overloaded from photos from the run too ..because my momma is my biggest supporter when it comes to running so even though the race starts at 8, she's going to come& take photos for me! She rocks. Seriously. Thanks, momma (if you're reading this) for everything are the best!

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