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September 13, 2011

8k run

Remember yesterday when I said I was going to run the 10k in the Fiddlers Run? Well ..after months off from running I decided I needed a practice attempt. So I laced up my beautiful new Frees and headed off for an 8k to see how I would do. Halfway I looked at my watch to see my pace (desperate for a Garmin!) and noticed I was at 20:03. Okay ..starting to panic because I was just trying to keep my time under an hour. Yeah, slow as old heck was my game plan. Remember I haven't run for months!

So I stop at the store& down an entire 710mL of Powerade zero(Gatorade? I can never remember between the 2) mixed berry. It was heavenly! Seriously ..was my first time trying it and I am in love. Downside? I drank 710mL with 4k left to run. Yeahhh I finished the rest of my run still very quickly albeit with a bunch of Powerade slopping around in my belly and it really hurt. So then it was all said& done? I did a personal best 8k. 42:19 !! So now I feel confident in doing my 10k fiddler's run. Actually sort of can't wait.

So that's all I have worth mentioning today ..I still have to do Insanity day 4 which is, thankfully, a cardio recovery day. My legs aren't too achy so I may as well do it. I also was playing around with some photos today from a wedding last year.. I ended up with a photo of the boyfriend that I have always really liked but now I love!

PS don't forget about the Anadel giveaway! Wondering what the heck is going on with my comment section ..either it isn't working very well or people have decided to never comment on my blog again. Either way the massive drop in comments is making me sad. Oh well .. hope you're all at least still reading& I'll try to make it more interactive or something ahah

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