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September 12, 2011


[Before the post relating to the topic ..don't forget today is Monday! That means that there is a new post up on Rounder! Drop Sarah some love!]

Nike is one of my true loves. Seriously. It is actually ahead of Lulu lemon. And considering I only wear Lulu& Nike to workout in ..that makes Nike pretty special. I broke in my new Frees today with Insanity day 3. They are delightful. Here is a photo for your viewing pleasure:


Yeah. They are a thing of beauty and they help me survive Insanity. Tomorrow I'm on day 4& doing a 5k run ..may be running the Fiddlers 10k in approximately 6 days. Have I trained for this? No. Do I really think I should do it? Not really. Does this deter me at all? Nope. Why? I have no idea. At the very least I'll be running the 5k. A little disappointed that I am not doing the half marathon but oh well ..I will be doing one in the spring. I am determined

So aside from my deep love of Nike, I also promised you guys some photos of Meghan from the photo shoot. Granted, no one commented on my last post (are my comments working? I'm really paranoid since Disqus seems to be screwing up on me..) so it probably doesn't matter. I like them though so you're all being subjected to them!

Check out shots all around the world!

So there you go. Three of the 33 shots from my second attempt at a photo shoot. What do you think? I love them and can really start to see myself improving. Funny how that old saying is true& practice really does make perfect (or at least better)! Who knew. I will admit I hated practicing when I first started using my camera because it was really hard to figure out all the settings and such but now that I have that under control? I love it more than ever! Especially small objects, people and animals! I'm trying super hard to learn to love landscape photography (as witnessed by my last few attempts) but I don't. I will continue until I can at least take a decent landscape photo though. Again, determination. It gets me every time! 

What are some of your favorite things to photograph? I'm trying to expand what I take photos of (haven't you all noticed how well I'm doing to NOT flood you with photos of my puppy) and learning along the way. Do you ever get to stop learning?!

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