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September 24, 2011

Marley& me

So I don't have much to say except that yesterday Crystal& I went on an awesome trail ride. Plans to repeat it are in place for today. I got her to snap a photo of Marley& I but between her horse being excited& us to pumped to stand still, I only managed to get 1 photo that wasn't blurry. I'm going to throw my little point& shoot in my purse for the ride today ..should be good enough to get some semi-decent photos. I just charged it up the other day so that was an excellent life decision!

Look at us go! We survived and thrived. She is awesome on the trails ..needs some more work in the ring but she tries so hard to please me. I couldn't ask for a better little project pony. I am in love with little Marley. This isn't a horse blog, as my boyfriend frequently reminds me, so I won't focus on the Haflingers but I just had to share how sweet little Marley looks and how silly I look on her. Sometimes I really hate my long legs!

Does anyone remember Preggo, the barn cat? She had her kittens two-ish weeks ago and they are cute as buttons. There's 4 of them and today I managed to get some cute photos but they are on my camera and I am definitely not uploading them before I head out to the barns. I am off now to enjoy a day of ponies& trails! Hope your Saturday is going awesome.

PS you guys are AWESOME! I have 73 facebook likes, 60 followers& just cracked 20,000 page views yesterday! Thanks, guys, for making it seem like my blog is really cool or something ;) You make the blogging worth it!

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