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September 02, 2011

Friday Snaps[5]

So this snap is a little late! Sorry about that. It's from a photo shoot I had today with one of my best girlfriends -Tiff. We spent a few hours shooting at a lighthouse and then moved to the beach. The beach was easily the best location of the two ..not to mention how crappy& bright the lighting was at the lighthouse. We had to go then though because it was the only time it would work.

Tiff is fabulous for several reasons. First off, she's a NICU nurse. Which means she spends her workdays saving babies -that basically gives you a pass to heaven, right?! She is also a fellow runner& P90X'er. Not to mention if I ever needed to get someone beat up, she's my girl ;) Okay, okay.. kidding about that last part! She just lost roughly 30lbs (GO TIFF) and had no recent photos of herself so I figured this was the PERFECT chance to get some more portrait experience. As usual, at first I wasn't sure what to do with my model but since she's a good friend, we managed to wing it! I got a lot of gorgeous shots. She's a gorgeous lady so it's not like it was really a tough job to make her look good. When we got to the beach, however, I was making her jump in the water& do yoga ..which was all really fun. I managed to get this stunning shot of her doing tree pose.

What do you think?
I absolutely adore it!
Entered here!

So now my Friday Snaps is over for this week ..I still have only 1 of the scavenger hunt photos taken and I'm officially alone for the weekend as of 3 hours ago! So far I have been completely wild.. I have spent all Friday evening editing photos of Tiff, drinking water& watching Say Yes to the Dress. Still can't believe how mean some of the people are who come with the brides!

The boyfriend is off the Wharf Rat Rally so my fingers are crossed that he has a good time and also sells the bike! I reminded him he shouldn't get a new girlfriend while he was gone away or have tooo much fun without me. Now the burning question remains though. How am I going to spend my remaining 2 days alone?! Tackling that scavenger hunt, I suppose!


Anonymous said...

that is a great picture.

Anonymous said...

Oo! Cool I like it!

Yvonne said...

Thanks so much :)