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September 08, 2011


So I made the move ..I switched my comments over to Disqus. I don't know if it's just only sort of working or what but sometimes I get the disqus comment section& sometimes I get the blogger comment. I'm hoping that it will sort itself out with time. For now I'll sit here& wish the rain would stop while watching Say Yes to the Dress. This time the little sister is really mean and talks like she's on hard drugs. She looks about 14. I'd punch her ..but that's just me!

Aside from being completely unproductive I really have nothing to say. I am going through horse withdrawals& the lady who owns Shyann will not email me back. I got called into work this weekend at the store ..and yes, I did quit in April. Interesting how that works, isn't it? Not that I mind because I do love the store& it's super easy work. The boyfriend& I are heading to Halifax on Sunday so should end up being a good weekend. The kind of weekend where there probably won't be much blogging from me due to not having an internet connection/ being off the island! How are you guys spending your post-Labor-day-weekend weekend?

This was my last night attempt at a landscape shot. It's crooked and I did absolutely zero post-processing. I think that means I don't really like landscape shots! Kidding, kidding. It's just more that I am getting frustrated with not being able to make this work out. I will get there ..sheer determination will get me at least one fabulous shot- especially with the autumn colors arriving soon on Cape Breton island! What do you think there any improvement?! Eventually I'll create some kind of slide show from my first crappy attempts at landscapes up to the day I finally get my stunning photo ;) I have a feeling that slide show is still a long way off! Although I am taking the advice you guys gave me. This photo was shot with the following settings;
  1. ISO- 400
  2. F-stop- 39
  3. Exposure- 15s
Obviously, I lugged out the tripod for this. I also took some photos of the beach earlier in the day ..I think I mentioned that? Well they got uploaded last night& I spent some time trying to save them from their fate of ending up in the recycle bin. I couldn't manage to make them worth anything ..other than a cautionary tale of how easy it is to take horrible photos! I did, however, manage to get one shot of a piece of sand grass. Or sand wheat. Or something. Bonus points to the reader who can tell me what the heck it is called!
Enjoy your Thursday everyone :)

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