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September 07, 2011


Can I preface this story by mentioning that September hasn't been my best month ..and we're only 1 week in.

8:00AM: Wake up thanks to neighbor mowing the lawn. Remind myself to never leave my window open all night again.
9:00AM: Give up the fight to fall back asleep& make breakfast.
9:30AM: Check facebook, gmail (mail me back Shyann's owner!!) and, of course, the blog.
10:00AM: Grab tripod& camera to take some photos!
10:15AM: Unhook pup from his tie out& put him on his leash to come with me.
10:16AM: Notice dad leaving the garage.
10:16:30AM: Realize dad doesn't notice me..
10:17AM: Get run over by my father in his new red Civic while he was backing up.
10:18AM: Sheer panic over the camera that was flung halfway across the driveway!!
*Time line is approximate.

Maybe dad was just trying to get mentioned in the blog? May have been feeling some jealousy since I talk about Mom& her blog way more. Either way, it was funny plus he felt bad so he gave me $25 gift card to Boston Pizza and two pieces of his cinnamon gum!! I feel so loved. Has anyone ever run you over with a vehicle? This was my first time and I can honestly say it was scary. Plus I left a dent& some scratches on his new red Civic. Sorry, dad!

Bright side of this whole story is that my camera survived being flung! That is really amazing. The UV filter cracked but that's what; $5? No biggy. We still did a trip to the beach but my photos sucked. My determination to get a decent landscape shot is overwhelming and I'm heading back there later this evening to try again. I do, however, have a shot from last night. The sunset sucked but hey, determination at its finest. I learned taking photos of landscapes is HARD. What did you learn this week with your photography; Click it up a Notch wants to know!

Not super spectacular but whatever! Oh I also uploaded these photos as Aug 7th instead of Sept 7th- Oops! Enjoy your day, I hope it's less excitement-filled than mine. At the very least I hope you don't get run over ..too bad no one hoped for that for me before I got up this morning ;)


Cary said...

Yikes! Glad you're okay from being hit! My dad and I would have simultaneously freaked out and then probably laughed about it. (We have an odd father-daughter relationship, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Odd as in, we're very similar and my mom hates it sometimes.)

Marisa said...

Glad you're ok! How scary. Glad your camera survived, too. You know, I think I'd check my camera before I checked myself for injuries. :)

Yvonne said...

Cary- that is almost exactly what happened with Dad& I!!

Marisa- Too funny because I did! My parents kept saying we could check the camera out later but I hobbled over to it ASAP!

edw1ns1984 said...

ouch ! hope you won't have too many bruises from getting hit !

And yes, i've noticed taking photos of landscapes is hard as well. However, i take that as an excuse to get some more practice in ;)

Sarah Y. said...

Eep, I'm glad that you and the cam and pup are okay!

Very cool looking clouds in that photo. :D

Sylvanfire said...

I'm glad you're ok and no injuries to the camera. I really like your picture, the sky is amazing :)

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