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September 09, 2011


So remember how I have been eluding to some type of giveaway around these parts? Turns out I wasn't lying to you folks& it is indeed going to occur! I managed to convince Anadel to sign& giveaway a copy of their CD to one very lucky HalfPastWonderful reader! Anadel is a new band out of California and I was able to make this happen because two of the band members I know from an internet forum. Lucky for us they are super talented and awesome. Here is some info stolen from their site;
Anadel first began to form when JT Bailey began to compose his own music and lyrics while in his teens. It wasn’t long until his sister, Keri (violin & backing vocals), joined in, then their dad, Tom (drums), and finally their brother, Steven (keyboard). Deciding, in 2010, to expand and develop their sound as a band, they enlisted the help of two “outsiders” to fill out the sound, and the band came into being. Anadel sprang into the Napa music scene, playing their first show in early 2011, and quickly gained a reputation as an excellent live act.
JT’s melodies, pointed and personal lyrics, mixed with the phenomenal and often haunting backing violin from his sister, Keri, creates a beautiful blend of classical and folk sounds. When you add guitarist, Andrew Arcadi, pianist, Steven Bailey, percussionist, Tom Bailey, and bassist, Ben Guerrieri, the music takes on a rocky edge that, blended with the classical and folk sensibilities of JT and Keri, combines into an interesting landscape of sound that is as unique as it is beautiful.
 I am notoriously picky& hard to please when it comes to music. The fact that I like these guys (and trust me, I do. I wouldn't do a blog giveaway if I didn't like what I was giving!) says a lot about them alone. Even though they have my stamp of approval, I have included one of their videos below so you guys can listen for yourselves. Underneath the video are the details on entering the giveaway!

Song from the CD one of you will be winning!
Isn't it just lovely might even say wonderful ;)

See? I told you guys I wouldn't giveaway a sub-par musical treat. These guys are amazing and are definitely going places! You will be able to say you managed to get a signed free copy of their first CD. Lucky. Even MY copy isn't signed. So how can you get entered for a chance to win?
  1. You must be following my site via Google Friend Connect& then leave a comment to let me know what you think of their music. [+1]
  2. Like HalfPastWonderful and Anadel on facebook [+1 for each]
  3. Follow myself and Anadel on twitter [+1 for each]
  4. Tweet this being sure to mention myself& Anadal [+1]*
  5. Blog this including a link back here [+2]*
So the contest will run for 10 days with today, Friday September 9th, being the first day. It will close Monday, September 19th. The winner will be chosen randomly via It will be drawn for on Tuesday, September 20th. It would be fabulous if you included your email or website in the comment so that I can easily let you know if you're the lucky winner! If the winner does not get in touch with me by Friday they lose and I will do the draw a second time. Let me know if you have any questions.


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