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July 06, 2011

Kim Kardashian

Because I maintain that my blog is all about me (and it is), that means you won't get topics that hold no interest to me to discuss.

Basically I'm not going to write about things unless I actually care enough to put the effort in to learn a little bit about it& make it decently interesting. With that said I basically do not care about any celebrity (except the 8 kids Jon& Kate had cause they are cute). I am, however, making an exception for Kimmy K. I blogged about her before .. I think I mentioned how she loved my style.

Now, this post is sort of about that poor dead baby and about how her mother got off for killing her. I don't have any desire to hate on the mother and I'm sure there's 1,000,000 other bloggers who have already done so sufficiently. No.. I want to talk about Kim& her role in this. Or, more specifically the fact that she was slammed for tweeting about it.

Oh Kim.
You shouldn't weigh in on things.

Now you can see by the crazy retweets, this was a popular thing she posted. Most people ripping her to shreds because her father got OJ Simpson off (side note- I had no idea he was her dad). Now, I'll be honest. I can find no use for Kim Kardashian. Seriously .. I'm sure she's a nice girl but I'm not one for being infatuated with others (please exclude Kobe from this statement), especially people who do nothing of note (aside from being on the Ellen Show).

Now, I did some research& found out Kim was 13 during the OJ Simpson case. I'm sure she had grand delusions of the world and that caring about her father's job was probably about as high on her list as any other 13 year old. AKA not very.

So yes. This is my post saying to the general public- imagine if you were never allowed to speak on anything that your parents hold different opinions or actions on. Plus's Kim Kardashian. Does one really expect her to recognize her hypocrisies if there are any? Yes, her father helped OJ Simpson beat the charges .. doesn't mean she can't think whatever the hell she wants about the event and any other event no matter how similar or different.

PS Keep an eye out for my new workout DVD.
That's right ..Kimmy& I teamed up ;)


J Hodd said...

Hmm nice spandex there Yvonne

Yvonne said...

Thanks ahaha