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July 10, 2011


Yup. I'm sitting on my couch eating Crispers& waiting to see the season premier of Hoarders. How can I justify so much sedentary living lately? Well that is an excellent question.

I'm sick and when I get sick like this all I can do is hope it ends quickly. Tomorrow is going to be gorgeous out so I will be spending my afternoon on the beach, assuming that I am feeling at least a tiny bit better! Before I can spend my day on the beach, however, I need to purchase a pair of sunglasses. Which I am going to do asap in the morning. I promise to return tomorrow evening with a full report of my day / perhaps even some photos! Although I have noticed a serious downward trend in my blog traffic lately ..good thing I enjoy it regardless of my traffic!

Me feeling sick is also why my blogging has stopped the last few days ..why does it make you tired when you're fighting an infection?! Ugh. Oh well. All I can do is eat crappy food (I appease myself with the fact that I'm drinking water ..not allll bad, right?!) and hope I feel better ASAP! To match my crappy blogging as of late, enjoy a crappy photo from my drive home the other evening!

Okay... off to enjoy Hoarders :) How did you spend your weekend?! I hope having a significantly more exciting time than me!

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