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July 18, 2011

Going really fast

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Now back to your regularly scheduled post:
Going really fast. Yup. That's what this post is about so it even kind of relates to the last post about being late ;) You won't be late if you're going really fast! Although this is more about going really fast on horse! Lots of different disciplines require going really quickly but today I have photos of people& horses running poles& barrels.

I went to a horse show on the weekend and yesterday took along my camera for the evening speed events! These photos are decent but not spectacular because the lighting in the indoor was very sucky and also, as mentioned, events occurred at high speeds! So, enjoy some lovely photos from the show.

Random person ..
Cute horse though!

Little sister of one of my friends!
Clearly her horse has a large stride.
Old horse, Heyoka, from my barn.
Now someone else owns it.

Don't know this person either.
I am most definitely a giant creeper.

Pretty appy!
This girl used to be so young when I rode at her moms barn!
She grew up ..crazy how that happens, isn't it?!

So that's what we have for today's post. It's another dreary day here on this island .. raining& the occasional clap of thunder to remind us just how much this weather really sucks. We are definitely hoping for some kind of improvement in the immediate future! I am spending my evening cooking some supper& grabbing a tea with Crystal to discuss some barn drama. Very soon I'll fill all you folks in on what is happening around here with all the drama but I figured I'd have a few more happy posts with photos first!

Oh, also my boyfriend finished his custom motorcycle! It runs ;D I am super proud of him and cannot wait to snap some shots of the beast for you guys and him to show off to his friends .. hopefully the weather will clear up soon so we can take it to a cool location and get some awesome shots of it. For now, however, my fill of taking& editing photos for the day has been filled!

Hope that your Monday has treated you well and that you're spending your evening doing something really fun and awesome. Fill me in .. how are you spending your evening?!

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Valeria said...

Very cool shots. I love how the first one looks like a toy picture.