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July 20, 2011

Skipping Tuesday!

Yup. I skipped blogging yesterday. I spent the day around the barn and then my boyfriend took me out for supper& an ice cream. It was delicious! Then we drove to St. Peters to pick up some kind of tool kit or something that he wanted. The drive was fun .. we saw people getting busted for having pot in their car. Which is always semi-exciting. Would have snapped a photo if I had of known what they were getting searched for because at the time we thought that it was just a regular traffic stop& we couldn't figure out why the police officer had them outside the vehicle. Then this morning I heard it on the radio. Oh well, another lost opportunity for a photo!

So that was how I spent my blog-free yesterday. Today I slept in while Garret got up& went to work .. sucks to be him ;) Then I came home and hung around outside for a little while. It's foggy here on this little island today. I took a photo with my tripod to include me in it in my backyard to show you guys:

So green& foggy.
You can barely see the beach!

Yup. I had to run really fast to get there in 10 seconds! I also didn't have time to turn around and I was too lazy to take a second one so this is all you're getting!

Aside from that I plan on spending this afternoon making some lunch& then heading over to the barns to hang out with Dewey for a little bit. I'm thinking that I will take the camera& see if I can get any shots worth sharing. Probably not though because I have a feeling it will be dead when we get there.. oh well! I can't wait to take photos of my boyfriend's new bike. I want to make them very urban or ghetto or something. I'm not sure but I'm really hoping it'll be fun& the shots will turn out awesome!

Okay now that I've spent way too much time rambling about nonsense, I'm off. Before I go, though, I'll leave you with some other photos from my afternoon outside!

Mushrooms growing!
I wonder if they are magic ..ahaha

A boot!
Filled with flowers. 

A closeup of a flower
Growing in the boot ..looks cute!


Joyful Sparrow said...

I love the way your blog is looking! I was worried you might leave the blogging world with Blogger giving you such problems. I'm so happy you've persevered! It looks like its paying off. :-}

Yvonne said...

Thanks! Slow but steady growth& changes ahaha
I'm glad I sort of figured out blogger even though it took me forever!