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July 15, 2011

Excellent Thursday!

...unless you're factoring the weather into it! Today was completely hateful managed to get all the way to 11°C (52°F). Yup, it's July 14th. Everyone at the barn had winter coats and sweaters on. Awesome, eh?! All you people complaining about the heat seriously need to stop ;) Here on this little island we would kill for a little sunshine and temperature increase! Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same .. COME ON, Cape Breton. This is getting ridiculous. July& August are our only 2 warm months. Ugh. How is the weather where you are?!

Aside from my (very frequent) weather complaints, I had a lovely ride on my golden horse and then I got asked to ride the nicest little horse in the whole barn. I'm hoping someone will be around to snap a few photos for me. She is SO sweet that I cannot wait to go to the barns tomorrow to ride her! Plus I get to ride English which is such an amazing plus. I am so sick of western.

So on that note, remember how I said I'd have some photos of me sitting straight? Well I do have one! I got my girlfriend Crystal to snap one this afternoon and send it to me with her cell. So it's not fabulous but I am. so. straight.

I am so happy!


Sarah said...

I'm so jealous - I want it to be 52 degrees here! Love that picture - so cute!

Meghan said...

ooh I love the header!

Mary said...

Well it was a frigid 88 degrees F here today...we are about to head into our 5th heatwave- going to hover around 100 degrees F with high humidity. Hair HELL.

I would love some nice cool weather....lets trade!

Yvonne said...

Sarah& Mary - don't wish away your summers girls!!! I would love some heat. Again so cold here today I had Uggs& sweater on.

Meg - thanks :D

Danelle said...

My husband is from Canada and all our relatives there have been complaining about the cold weather this week. And of course, we are complaining about it being too hot. :)

em said...

Wow! I couldn't imagine that in July! We are about to hit a two week heat wave...highs in the upper 90s (that's hot for here)...I guess it is all relative though.