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July 16, 2011

New blogger!

Dearest blog readers;
I have yet another announcement to make! Someone else has joined my team of blogging. Her name is Sarah and she works at a dressage farm doing all sort of exciting things that I will let her explain to you over the course of her posts :) Her first official post is up and it's an introduction of sorts!

She is an amazing rider, photographer& writer! She has her very own page and as updates proceed to happen around here there will be a contact page for both her& I in case you have any burning questions that just NEED to be answered!

A teaser image.
Her photography is better than mine! No fair.

I know this place has been sort of a mess lately with all the layout changes and such but I finally got a layout that is simple& easy on the eyes so this one will probably stick around for quite some time. Thanks for keeping on reading and commenting while we've been under slight construction! I try to do my updates at ungodly late hours so not many people will run into issues with it. I have an 'appointment' Monday afternoon with Godaddy to figure out some more stuff and hopefully after that I'll be well on my way :)

So that is my excitement for the day! Everyone hop over to the new section (which is, obviously, still under construction. Just couldn't wait to get her first post up) and show some love to Sarah! Some of the kinks will be worked out with time. Her new posts will be at the top& I'll always include a link in my main blog when one of her new posts goes up! Let me know what you think of the newest Halfpastwonderful team member .. I know I am excited to hear her stories and look at her gorgeous photos!


Allison said...

congrats your expanding!!

olivia said...

i had to do a makeover on my blog too, somehow my old blog just disappeared... oh well. Don't worry we will stay tuned for more of your good stuff!

Yvonne said...

Thanks ladies :)