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June 27, 2011


So lots happened ..first when Friday rolled around, I spent part of the evening at the barns and then off to the horse show to socialize& do a lot of nothing. It was some cold the whole weekend! Had on 4 layers of sweaters& coats. Something is wrong with our weather I'm pretty sure :( Then on Saturday I skipped out on a run because my shoulders were sore& the weather was FREEZING. Instead I bundled up, got Crystal& spent the day watching classes at the show. It was good but next time could someone remind me to take a pillow for our backs& butts?!

I have no exciting photos really because I didn't take any ..left my camera in the car. Fast forward to last night.

Crystal went to the barn& turned out the horses while I was attending a 'CONGRATS YOU'RE A DOCTOR' party for my pretty friend and Dewey reared straight up on her. Our 2 horses were running like MAD PEOPLE out in the field for about 15 minutes. Couldn't get them to calm down. So then I left the party to go over and see the commotion. Another horse was put out with them so there was Dewey, Dixie& Star out in the field.

Dixie went in first and I was waiting for Crystal to come back to grab Star while I took Dewey. What happens? Dewey MOUNTS Star ...meanwhile my thought process is 'Is this really happening'. Star breaks through the fence to get away from him. He follows her. 2 running horses coming up behind Crystal& Dixie. Life is so exciting. We caught them and no one was hurt although we now know why Dewey gets along so well with mares ..he tries to get a piece. Hahaha ..I was tired after that day!

So I have no photos of the barn adventures (thankfully ..I don't think anyone needs to see that) but I have some of the party, a cake I baked& the Twin Lighthouse Farm! So prepare for lots of photos.

An emu.
Isn't that just the prettiest little thing?

I so badly want a little cow.
They all loved me ..I was a cow whisperer!

Here is a chocolate cake.
Recipe from CCK

A not-healthy but still pretty delicious ..
Mini red velvet cupcake! So awesome.
Check out the photo Mom took!

Lastly me& 2 of the best friends a girl could ever want :)
Miss having you around all the time on this little island, Britty!


Remy said...

Ohhh man. Poor Star! Lots of hugs for the poor girl.

Also that cake (and the red velvet cupcake!) looks yummy!!!

J Hodd said...

Sounds pretty exciting!

Meghan said...

awww :)

that cake looks absolutely delicious. your family is genius in the baking department!

stoppingfordaisies said...

Craziness with your horses! And aw, that emu looks so pretty. So does the cow. And so do all the yummy foods!