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June 04, 2011

Hello, weekend!

So yesterday the day somehow got away from me without a blog post! I'm sorry.
Friday has always been a favorite day of the week but since it's now rest (and probably cheat) day, I seem to love it even more than usual. I went out for supper with the boyfriend and then we watched Titanic. How completely random. Anyways, it was a delightful evening. Until I tried to fall asleep. I tossed and turned and kept him awake forever too. I'm such a good girlfriend like that!

So when I woke up, I picked up Meggy and we headed to yet another road race. We're really becoming quite the runners over here on this island! We got bib numbers and everything. Meg KILLED the race coming in 17th and I hopped along slowly behind her coming in in 26th. Then we met up with Tiffy at CBU track& pounded out another 5k! I actually ran the 2nd 5k faster shins were really bothering me on the first run, I think because the road was a mess and I need new shoes. I did a 29 minute 5k then a 27 minute run. So go us! Enjoy some photos of us post run :)

Meg super pumped! 
I think it's because we finally had drinks?!

Myself ..slightly less pumped.
Time wasn't as impressive as hoped.

My road race buddy!
Imagine if we never randomly signed up for the Fiddlers' Run!!

It's okay, Meg.
One day you'll have pipes like this!

So much fun! 
I love that we got Running Room bibs!
Meg and her mom.
Quote of the day: Yvonne, I like your off-center photos. I just wasn't expecting them!!

Mom& daughter.
Now, if only we could get my momma on the running train!!

Funny faces.
Two great ladies. Who consistently beat me in these races.
Oh the life.

My bib number :)
Okay, no more photos!

Afterward, we grabbed some Orange Julius and headed to pick up some ingredients for this evening. We are going to make some delicious guilt-free treats! So, now I'm settling in for a few delightful episodes of Glade and some yogurt. My legs feel fantastic and I ran 4k more than I was supposed to today for my long run (okay, so I cheated a little bit by running 10k with a 60 minute break ..but whatever!) so I'm also feeling accomplished. How are you spending your Saturday evening?! I hope with good friends and food :D


Meghan said...

Seems I haven't grasped the concept of having my photo taken.

GO US! Saturday #1 of 15 = huge success!!

Basia said...

Amazing! I'm just starting the Couch to 5k program and I'd love to run a 5k one of these days! :D Goooo you.

stoppingfordaisies said...

2 5ks? Oh my goodness, I can barely run the one these days! Way to go!

Yvonne said...

Meg we are supa stars!!

Basia -that's awesome! You'll be able to run a 5k if you stick with the program! I've heard it has fantastic results.

SFD -thanks! keep with it ..I love reading your running and Garmin stories ahaha :)

Margo said...

Well done! I am very impressed!

...except with the fact that you took off the bib even though it says "do not detach." Hmph.

Yvonne said...

Hahaha what can I say?! I'm such a rebel :D