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May 02, 2011

A week of photos!

Yayyy ..I've finally uploaded& edited my photos of the day! I bet you guys totally thought I forgot about this project, eh?
No way! I'm committed. I'm caught up to today. Life is good. At least until tomorrow when I officially fall behind on keeping you guys up to date with this project. Oh well, life is fabulous for now! Enjoy the 7 photos :)

Still no leaves on trees ..even 7 days after this photo :(

Perfume. I love it& am trying to get back into wearing it from time to time. 
This is one of the only 'perfume' smells I've ever liked

Beautiful sunset the other evening ..wish I had of gotten a beach shot of this!
So pretty :)

Mom got baby shoes for Easter from Yvette.
How sweet are they?!

Painting that the brother owns. Super cool!

Loose change!

Sort of feels like you're in Vegas, ehh?

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