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May 24, 2011


American Idol.

I hate this show. My boyfriend really likes this show. When we get together we watch it. He watches for the singing and I watch to judge the people and be SO thankful I'm not on national television. Tonight was the finale or something. Scotty vs. Lauren. Lauren sang a song about Moms. Scotty sang a song about loving you this big. So we are in my room. Hanging out with Rumple (some day I'll post a photo of him. He's awesome) and watching this drama unfold. Boyfriend is actually paying attention to the singing and I am making fun of the lyrics. So us.

So, of course Scotty keeps saying I will love you thissss biiiiiig. So I turn to Garret and the following occurs:

Me: Hey, bubs. How big do you love me?
Him: `proceeds to barely put any distance between his 2 hands` This big.
Me: UM. That is not even as much as your arm width.
Him: It's a pretty big size for a trout though. That would be a decent catch.
Me: So love me as big as a trout?
Him: Pretty much.

Thanks boyfriend. A graphic.
To show my appreciation for your comments.

In all fairness, he remanded his statement to say he loves me as much as a baby whale. Because smaller versions are always better than big versions. The boy knows me so well.

So much better than a trout :D


J Hodd said...

HAHAHA... soo funny. I love how you're a "decent catch". Good thing the baby whale makes up for it!

Also... RUMPLE. I can't believe he's still kickin'. So cute.

Yvonne said...

I can't believe you remember Rumple :D He is still here .. Garret loves making fun of him. Poor thing's gonna end up with a complex!!

Love me some baby whales. So much cuter than full grown whales!

J Hodd said...

Of course I remember Rumple! Not sure if you would have met him, but I still have my puff-a-lump, Baby. He's really seen better days. I brought him in to a leadership class one day in high school, because the assignment was to bring something in that means a lot to you. The teacher said Baby looks like a rag!!! How offensive...

Yvonne said...

I did meet Baby a few times!
Rumple has also seen better days ..though I just keep stitching him up good as new.

And I would have given that teacher a dirty look!

Meghan said...

HAHA. I'm not surprised this happened. You two are the best.