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May 08, 2011

If I was ..

Ain't that the truth? I think octopi are SO cute when they are drawn or when they are really tiny and fit on your finger. When they get really large, they get less appealing to me. Then they just get terrifying because they could suction cup the life right out of you ..and that's just unpleasant!

See? I'd make a kickass octopus.

So .. Meg tweeted me back asking what I'd do with them all. That was when I realized having EIGHT legs has so many advantages. My first thought was that if I could knit, I'd do extreme knitting.

Which may have been a visual I couldn't get out of my head I made this really awesome photoshop of myself as a knitting octopus. I feel like I should just start attaching this when employers ask for a cover letter. It describes me so much better than words ever could.

I could also write 4 different books on 4 different keyboards ..AT THE SAME TIME. Hello, genius!

Man I'd make a good writer if I had 8 appendages.

Okay ..I have many more ideas, but I can't spend all night photoshopping things onto my octopus limbs. So, the burning question?!

What would YOU do if you had 8 legs?!

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