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May 03, 2011

Funny Searches

As my blog continues to get hits& grow .. a strange thing is happening. I'm starting to get some bizarre google searches resulting in people finding my blog. It used to just be that when people searched halfpastwonderful or some variation on that, my blog would pop up!

Cool, eh? Well ..something cooler is that now I get some weird search results. I'm hoping these keep happening. Although I don't blog about anything super strange, so I'm assuming nothing too funny or scandalous will ever pop up :( The results for my google searches for the last week, however, have been mildly funny!

Now, sometimes I will type the google searches into google to see how early I come up. Some searches that have found me (rainbow bridesmaid dress, the very least could I or awolnation, for example) are sooo far off from the first page that I have NO idea what page it's on. For some, I've gone back about 11 pages and STILL not found myself. What the heck are those people looking for? Then, others (my blog name, rainbox tux or what would jesus do with his time) bring my website up on the FIRST PAGE of Google! Wow. I'm such a celebrity.

I certainly hope the person who found my site via that search got a satisfactory answer. Jesus spends his time running dating sites. Love Jesus? Need a date night? ChristianMingle is your go-to source for awesome. Okay, probably not the answer they were looking for ..but I hope they at least got a laugh from it :)

So, fellow bloggers .. what strange results have brought people to your site?!


Joyful Sparrow said...

My weirdest one one was "Jehovah's witness gay". And recently, "lavender sparrow". Which sounds pretty, I think :-)

Yvonne said...

Lavender sparrow IS really pretty :)
Ahaha that's also an awesome one. I am hoping I'll get all kinds of weird ones ..they make my day!

Anonymous said...

Okay you have awesome searches. I don't have anything out of the ordinary.. yet.

anna said...

"butt pictures tumblr" is my weirdest so far. lol.