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April 21, 2011

Smart phones!

Sorry for my lack of posting yesterday ..I was planning on writing one last night while watching the Lakers game. Instead, I ended up at Steel City. It was ..interesting.

So -big news: I entered the world of smart phones. I'm pretty sure I was one of the last people around to still have a flip phone. So, off I went the other day to purchase a new, smarter phone! I got this one:

So, basically an Android. Which means that no one has ever heard of it probably. But it's cute. And it does what I want ..except it won't sign me into twitter. Which is disappointing. So, seeing as I've spent the last few days playing with my phone& generally being busy+ tired, today you are not getting any kind of clever post.

Read: There will be no pathetic attempts at photoshop in this post. I'm sorry. Here, enjoy this instead:

Isn't that cool? If you have a smart phone (and let's be honest, now that I've bought one ..I'm pretty sure EVERYONE has one) can scan that beauty and it will take you to my site via your phone. But you're obviously already there in some form, so I'm not sure why it matters.

I'm pretty sure there is a clever marketing scheme behind this, but like I said. I'm lazy& tired so you're really not getting anything entertaining me from me today! I will be back later this evening to post my photos of the day (HOW do I keep falling behind? Man I'm bad at this).

So my day so far has consisted of the following:

1. Sleep in until 9.30 when I got a wake up call from the boyfriend. Then go to the chiropractor. My regular guy was gone away, so I had to see a different one. It was so exciting.

Or not. Then I went to the mall& bought some Easter treats for my boyfriend. I'm hoping he'll come over later when he gets home& we'll paint some eggs. I am truly a 10yr old at heart. I can't help it ..Easter is so much fun!

For now, I'm laying here watching the Real World and finding QC codes that I can scan on my phone. I have seen these stupid codes for forever and my poor slide phone did not do anything with them. I'm so excited. I also have a barcode scanner to tell me if I'm getting a deal or getting ripped off .. and a calorie counter and more games than you can imagine!!

PS if you are like me and getting on the smart phone train WAYYY late... get an Android of some type. Apps are mostly free. Even lots of the same ones you'd pay for on an iPhone. Sucks to have an iPhone. Mine is way cuter AND costs less money. GO ECONOMICAL FINANCE DECISIONS!

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