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April 22, 2011

Another day..

..another boring post! Garret& I painted some Easter eggs ..the day is closing in on us! Happy Good Friday, hope you didn't eat any meat :o Also, my blog will have a smattering of Jesus-themed photos to make up for any lack of real content!

Starting, obviously ..with this!

Yesterday my computer got an AWFUL virus that made it squeal like a pig. Can you say absolutely terrible? And also, in honor of Mary-Kate& Ashley, 'How rude!' It turned off all my anti-virus protection and installed all kinds of strange programs. Thankfully, my computer savvy uncle was home and had my beloved beast back up& running in no time! Fair warning: if your computer starts squealing like a pig, you're screwed. Had to do a system reset to get it back and lost everything I have done for the last week. Wah wah wahh.

Honest to God (pardon my pun), some things just never get old.
This is one of them.

So now there is a Lakers game on .. and I'm really much more interested in that than writing in this because I'm incredibly tired. I PROMISE to update tomorrow with something of substance. Pinkie promise.

Here, enjoy my new favorite music -Awolnation.
LOL. Except I can't embed any of their songs for some reason. So you'll have to click their name to get taken to the video (Sail!).

That Jesus ...such a sucker for technology.

So, with a promise of better content tomorrow (which may fall through. At this point we all know I'm not very good at keeping my blog promises. My apologies!) .. I am off to enjoy to rest of the Lakers game& perhaps some hollow Easter egg chocolate. I also had some peeps earlier. Mmm mm good.

What a joker! 
I wish he could guest blog for me :(

Oh& ps I will also have my photos of the day up tomorrow. If nothing else, I can promise that. Bye for now!

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J Hodd said...

Ha ha - love the Jesus venn diagram!