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April 23, 2011

Almost Easter!

Poor Saturday. It's the only day in this magical weekend that doesn't have a designated day. It's just the day between Good Friday& Easter Sunday. So I woke up determined to make it awesome.

I woke up .. changed into clothes that were somewhat suitable for being in public, grabbed my dog and off we went to the back beach. We had a fun walk .. the dog ran in so many circles that I'm surprised he isn't asleep or sick right now! I didn't take my camera though, so there are no photos from that adventure. I will, instead, show you an old photo of my dog that always makes me laugh.

Tuckered out after his birthday celebrations!

Then he refused to come inside so I stuck him on his outdoor leash& got myself ready for a bike ride. First one of the year and it was short. 17km. It still felt great though! Especially since I didn't even come close to almost being run over. Always a perk :)

After that, I came in .. drank some water, ate a Nature Valley bar (peanut butter ..mmm mm) and Mom comes in and says, direct quote, 'Hey, I'm going to wash the Mini but want to attack Dad& Blaine with silly string first?' HECK YES. So we do. I took the camera so there'd be some awesome photos.

Mom& I: 1. 
Dad& Blaine: 0.

So then I came back inside and decided to update my blog. Before that, however, I took some photos of the eggs we painted last night! Garret's eggs won by a landslide. But I don't care .. or at least, I'm trying very hard not to. I SUCK at arts& crafts :(

These are my eggs. Aren't they just so cute& clever.
Or something ..

Garret may be a tad more creative and better at egg decorating than me.

So, that's all for now. There are a lot of photos here .. check back later for my photos of the day. They'll be up in the evening. I think .. I owe you guys 5 days worth, so as long as I find the motivation to edit them.

Enjoy your non-themed& unnamed Saturday!


Margo said...

We call it "Holy Saturday," and it consist in a time of quiet reflection in light of the death of Christ (Good Friday) and waiting for the resurrection of Christ (Easter). There is a special prayer service called "tenebrae" (Latin, "darkness"). So it is not left it, after all. :-)

Also, Squirt remains unwaveringly and intensely cute. How does he do it?

Yvonne said...

He is magic like that!

PS without you, all my posts about Jesus would be without me learning anything. Thanks, I appreciate it! Some day I'll do a blog& share my new found knowledge about him ;D