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April 19, 2011

Massive Photos

Yes, the return of 365. I've never stopped with a photo a day (although, I admit. A few in this collection are lameee. Bear with me), I just stopped uploading them& posting them. I decided I would continue on. I owe you girls& boys 8 photos. I have 7. Keeping with the trend of never completely being caught up. Sorry for that. This is an overload anyway. So, let's start.

Lightning storm on a Monday! Sa-weeeeet. 
PS this was about 12.50AM

Easter M&Ms.. it doesn't get any better. 
So delicious :)

Coffe cup ..time to wake up!
I'm such a poet.

Good life rules.

Kiara& I made these about 18 years ago. 
It's still cute.
I was a talented 10yr old. 
Or whatever age I made these.

Merry Christmas. 
Found in our music room

Hier soir. Love.

Hope you enjoyed :)

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