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April 17, 2011

Brilliant book ideas

So, I took a break from blogging for a few days. I am going to start writing extra blogs to post on days that I'm just too tired / busy / etc to actually write that day. I am so brilliant. I also owe you folks quite a few photos of the day. They are all taken ..they are just sitting on my camera waiting for me to upload& edit them. I will post them tonight, I promise! Probably after the Lakers game. Hello, playoffs! You are my favorite time.

So, my topic. Last night I went to dinner& a movie with Karli. We watched Arthur. The woman on it writes a book for kids about the statues in New York& it actually sucked. No one in the movie realized that though& they all thought it was great. So that got me to thinking -could I write a book? Or, at the very least, could I write enough of a basic outline for a book to include in a movie? Heck yes. And it will be way better than the one she wrote. So, now I'm going to include some awesome book ideas.

Other Options
Emo Allie spends her time divided between her boyfriend, being emo& seeing other boys. Ugh .. it's SO hard being a teenager today. Her boyfriend is great ..until she can find a better one. What will she chose?! Life as a 15yr old emo. It's tough.

Party Like a Rockstar
Mike is a guy. Mike wants to be a girl. He likes wearing party gowns, gloves and drinking champagne from those little flutes. He is moving to a new city& starting his new life as a woman. He just wants to be the next Grace Kelly -if he can get that darn sex change. Thankfully, he's androgynous. So he pulls off looking like a woman very easily. Maybe you'll see him on Top Model?!

Going Corporate
This is about a guy who has no skills. No education. He isn't even charming. He just has charisma. Which, unlike it's cousin karma, isn't a bitch. He enters the workforce and hilarity ensues. He types his memos in Comic Sans. He's sort of like Charlie Sheen ..only less psychotic.

Full Throttle Insanity
Suzie has found the guy she wants to spend the rest of her life. He finally proposes. What happens after she gets the ring on her finger? We have heard this story a million times. She's goes nuts. This time, however, it's told from the guy who was lucky enough to be her catch. Or so he thought until about 2 minutes ago. Oh the things an engagement will do.

Okay, so maybe these suck. Let's be real about one thing: making fake book covers? Possibly my new favorite hobby!! What creative book ideas do you have?! Please, feel free to create one yourself! Here's my template:

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