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March 29, 2011

Winter in spring

The title perfectly describes Cape Breton at this current moment. It's snowing .. it's cold .. it's windy .. did I mention there was SNOW?! The perk to the sucky weather today is that it's 12.52PM and I have already accomplished so many things! I will provide a brief overview and some details on the more exciting parts.

Went to Rena at Hair Solutions. She was super sweet and it was a really laid back place. Had a few laughs, solved my hair issues, got bangs AND it didn't even cost me that much money! It was great and really perked up my mood. I now have lots of energy and am feeling better about the fact that it's freezing cold out. Mostly I'm just super happy that I have a hairdresser who can actually style my hair! Welcome back, fabulus curls :)

So, my blog contest only has today+ 3 more to enter! Hope you guys are planning on entering at some point! Don't forget the 4 ways to win (blog, comment, tweet, facebook) and also, all parts of the blog prize have been compiled and are just awaiting me to take their photo! I am trying to decide to how to best photograph them to show them ..I will be uploading both them& my photo of the day later this afternoon!

Silly String
I also bought 2 cans of this stuff. What I am going to use it for remains to be seen! Mostly I just want to spray someone or something with it ..I'm not picky. Contemplating covering my puppy in it, but can totally see that backfiring on me and ending up with a dog covered in silly string that I can't get off. LOL. He would hate me for the rest of his life. So I figure I'd spare him and just silly string something else. Just not entirely sure WHAT yet!

You know that saying about today being a gift, that's why they call it the present or something? Yeah, if I wasn't so lazy I'd look it up. Well, I was thinking about that the other night at work ..and wondering how much truth was in it. Keep in mind, my evening at that moment was not going particularly well. My first thought was to think about how awesome my gifts have been from immediate family and friends (amazing) and those who got gifts for me because they wanted to come to my party / had to for some reason (less than amazing and also more abundant). Then I started thinking about about my days. Some moments are amazing, while most of the day is basically incredibly ordinary. I think these people might be onto something with this thought. So, my end thought? Each day probably is a gift, however most gifts are disappointing.

New Music
Hopefully you will all love this song as much as I do! It's really sweet& cute. I also noticed a crazy trend with my music ..I obviously love male singers way more than female ones. The only female singer I ever put on here, I ended up retracting my like of her song due to her stupid behavior. Way to go, JG. Ruining female artist's chances of being discovered as the next big thing via my blog. I hope you reform your vulgar tweets because of this consequence. So, for now I will continue my trend of beautiful songs sung by guys :) Enjoy!
Oh, and also ..sorry for the weird video that accompanies this song, but it was the best version I could find of it. I am amazed I could even find it!


Meghan F. said...

pretty layout... and i want to see this cut!

Allison said...

love the cut....also love the comment most gifts are disappointing....may need to do an entire post on that

Anonymous said...

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