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March 30, 2011


So, as the title states, I have prizes! Well, I've had prizes for quite awhile now .. it's more like I finally bothered getting them together and taking their photo. It's really hard to get them to all look at the camera at the same time, but I managed to do just that! I'm such a natural photographer.
As a side note, today is the THIRD LAST DAY to enter! Click here to enter! Also, don't forget there are FOUR WAYS (tweeting, commenting, blogging& facebooking!) just have to make sure you let me know so that I can add you to my list of entries, ladies and gents. Enter enter enter's super easy! In honor to encourage people to enter, I'm going to now post my photo of the prizes. They are pretty awesome.

So, how awesome is that?! Seeing the prizes actually in my blog really makes it seem awesome, eh? I hope this encourages even more people to go and enter my contest :) C'est fantastique! Oh, and yes, 4 is purposely obscured because that part is the SURPRISE part!

So, aside from that .. I haven't been up to much. My parents bought a new Civic yesterday. It's bright red and pretty nice. They took me out to supper at the Black Spoon. It was sooo good ..I love that place and would encourage anyone heading near North Sydney to check it out!

Last night
Garret and I went to the movies to see Lincoln Lawyer. I kept thinking I had heard of it before, only to realize I've already read the book.. which sort of worked in my favor. Because I ended up sleeping for quite some time in the theatre. The beginning and end of the movie were both excellent though, I would suggest you (at the very least) see those parts ;) We also went to Orange Julius and the arcade in the mall and spent all my money on trying to win tickets. There is a stupid game there where you have to jump 'rope' ..which is really a row of lights. I found a video on youtube:

So ..I kept trying to play this game but the most I can manage to jump? TWO. What the hell, I'm so good at jumping rope in real life. And I'm so good at arcade games. Although, after last night I'm thinking Garret could go pro with his skills. He won WAY more tickets than me :( In the end, we combined our tickets and got some pretty sweet treats. Fundip& rainbow ribbons. YUM.

Also, just got some crazy news. It is incredibly expensive to insure me. So you should all be glad that I am not a primary driver on your insurance policies. You should also all try your best to never, ever, ever get any type of ticket from the police (I would encourage offering money, sex, anything you have on you). Try even harder not to put a pregnant woman into labor by ramming into the side of her brand new minivan that she has only owned for 2 hours. Both of these things will come back to bite you in your ass for five years. That is a LONG time. I am shocked that I am considered a high risk driver, especially considering in the 8.5yrs that I have been a driver those are my only two 'convictions'.
Also, I had no idea I was a convict. It would be exciting in a bad ass kind of way if it wasn't so frigging expensive. Next time I feel like I wasn't in the wrong during an accident, I'm going to fight tooth& nail.

Photo of the Day
So, I owe you guys two photos. I currently only have 1 of them, from yesterday. I am going out for ice cream with Bhreagh later this evening and wanting to take a photo of that for my photo today so you're just going to have to wait! My photo from yesterday is Garret :) Just a quick snapshot outside his garage! A little overexposed, but whatever. I still like it.

Along with photos of Mr. Garret, I also will include some of us on the new bike he is building! I love these much fun :)

New hair
So, lastly I'll include a photo of my new hair. I really love it. It's sooo much lighter and it DESPERATELY needed a pick-me-up! In the photo that I have of it, it is a mess. So let's all pretend that behead is still an awesome look and most people want to have it. That's the story I'm believing. The lighting also made my eyebrows look funny, however overall, I like this photo. So, here are the new curls :)

Enjoy your day and remember if you're going to be bad, don't get caught!


Jaimie said...

Love your "new" hair!

And I want that hat!!

Have you been riding on your bike yet?

Brittany said...

looks great!:)

Mary said...

love the hair and your comments made me laughhh :)