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March 31, 2011

Sunshine in the Cape

Yes, I awoke this morning to a glorious sight - the sun was streaming in the windows and it appeared like maybe the island is not going to be stuck in winter for the rest of the days! Oh, how wonderful that is. On my agenda for today? Several things. I'm heading to CBU for a lab .. then I'm heading to my aunts' to hangout with her dog while she goes for groceries .. I plan on doing puppy dog photo shoot #2 during this time ..the rest remains to be seen, however. I would like to include some tea, perhaps an ice cream (solely for the photo aspect, I forgot my camera last night) and then I'm not sure what else. It will definitely include an LA game though ..already set the reminder on my TV :)

Don't forget, ladies and gentlemen! There are a mere TWO DAYS LEFT. Today& tomorrow. Get your last minute entries in. The prizes are shown in the post directly below this one, and can I just say? They are basically way better than any other blog contest prizes out there ;) PLUS ..the part you can't see in the photo? An interview with me!! Does it get any more fabulous? I managed to include all kinds of things about ME (aka, what my blog is about) while also keeping you entertained in the process. I'm a marketing genius! It will be a roaring good time ..and the prize will be drawn for on Saturday :) Hurry, hurry, hurry to get entered and win some goodies!

Los Angeles Lakers
Lakers games are one of my favorite activities to enjoy. I sit on my couch with popcorn and pray that the Lakers win, while doing my best voodoo imaginable to help them in their journey. The reason I have not been blogging about my love for them thus far is because soon it will be the playoffs. I was waiting for the playoffs to begin to start mentioning them. So, this is really just a warning that you're eventually going to know WAY too much about how the Lakers are faring in their trip to the Finals. I hope someone picks up on this blog and offers me a trip to the Finals god, what I would do to be in the Staples Centre while there was a Finals game occurring. It would be better than spring on the island.

Boots is the name of my aunt's dog. I'll include some details about him when I update later tonight with my doggy photos but I just had to mention how completely adorable he is and include a photo, so you could all be properly prepared for the photos to come! He looks CRAZY like their old dog, Angel. I actually thought it was her when I saw his photo. He is smaller and he is so, so sweet.

I bet you are all SUPER excited to see the photos that come from this adventure now, eh?! How adorable is this little pup?

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
I bet there are several things you're wondering about this topic.
1. Why it's here
2. Why I know what it is
3. Is it relevant to anything?
4. What does it mean?

Well, yes, it is relevant. Relevant because today is CDH (the abbreviation for that name) Awareness Day. Thank you, Mary, for bringing this to my attention. I was going about this Thursday blissfully unaware that it was any different from the thousands of other Thursday's I've lived through.
CDH is a birth defect as common and spina bifida and cystic fibrosis but many people have never heard of it.
-Some business that wanted to encourage us to hear of the birth defect

I found out about it via Mary. Then we decided on a new avenue for my blog (and no, it's not continuing updates about what is the cause of the day.. that would be obnoxious& annoying) but it's still a secret. It made it to my website because it I figured I should promote awareness of these things every once in awhile. Here's my good deed for the ...century? I hope you all benefit from being aware. I know I sure didn't.

Photo of the Day
I'll leave you with my photo of the day from yesterday for this first post. In my second post this evening, I will include my one from today (it will be separate from the puppy's photos). Yesterdays shot was taken in a rush because I was busy watching the firemen putting out the fire in our backyard. Ahh.. the joys of grass.

It's the calendar. It's March. It's cute. And now I have to head off to class. I will return later this evening with photos of Boots :) Keep your fingers crossed that they turn out even half as good as those of Zac. Also, make the most of today. It's beautiful out!


Mary said...

Glad I could enlighten you :) and everyone should be excited for this super secret surprise!

Annette said...

CDH, wow it's been years since I heard that and I didn't realize it had a That's what Kyle was born with...


Yvonne said...

Really? WOW.. that is crazy that I would randomly mention that and have it be what Kyle was born with! And know you now that March 31st is the official awareness day!

Anonymous said...

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