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March 28, 2011

Goodbye corner store!

You've been good to me. You gave me a consistent schedule .. a good pay .. generally easy days ..but I am SO FREAKING HAPPY to be done with you! It was a good night. It included watching a lot of Big Bang Theory, chatting one last time with all my favorite customers& generally having a quiet evening. It was a perfect store night and I am grateful I got to leave on a positive note!

So, I have nothing to complain about really. Tomorrow, I'm getting a haircut. I haven't actually had my hair styled since Erin left me (a sad, sad day) and normally I would be both nervous& excited, however I am mostly just excited this time. Mom has test driven this girl and she gave her an amazing cut, so I'm figuring she'll do the same for me! After that, I'm getting Garret for a tea, because I haven't seen him since Saturday evening and I kind of miss him. I am SO excited to finally have my hair styled again and stop wearing it up. Miss the curls!

So now, I am eating some raspberries& watching Heavy is really good! If only the weather would hurry and warm up even the teeniest bit, we would be cruising. Until then ..I'll continue to wear winter clothes& pretend it's warmer than it is.

PS my blog tonight is so entirely boring. I'm tired and going to be spending a little bit redoing the layout colors mostly this is just some rambling before I post my photo of the day! The winter colors on here are really dragging me down and it's time to update to include some happy spring colors :)

Oh, and also to remind you that you need to ENTER MY CONTEST! There are only FOUR days left to enter yourself. I suck and still have yet to get a photo up, but seriously people! ENTER. It's hilarious and I want lots of entries ..don't forget you don't need to comment. You can blog / tweet / facebook it as well. These things require far less work than commenting (because apparently some people are having issues with this) and it still gets you an entry! Just have to let me know in some way, shape or form. I would suggest contacting me via MSN / e-mail. Either way, just let me know and I'll add you to my list of entries.. you KNOW you want to!

Alright, so now that I have talked up my contest, onto the photo of the day! It sort of sucks because, as stated earlier, I'm tired& planning on updating the layout tonight. It's a, for some reason the name is escaping me. It has spikes and they hurt. I stabbed myself in the finger while attempting to get this shot. That made me realize someone should really be giving me danger pay! My next realization was that no one at all gave me any sort of income for any of this and made me re-evaluate my sanity. Oh well .. life is short, may as well appear clinically insane.

Well, there you have it. I keep wanting to call it a pine cone, but I am aware that that is incorrect! If you know, drop me a line in the comments :(
Along with the proper name blog has been updated (hopefully, quite obviously. I'm not sure how it couldn't be incredibly obvious). You should let me know how you feel about it :)


Allison said...


J Hodd said...

This is definitely NOT a pinecone... you poor thing. As for the colours, I think I liked the last layout more. Sorry! I do like the picture of the pinecone cactus though.

Yvonne said...

CACTUS! Thanks Mom ..I was having a crazy brain fart.
And Jess --no worries :) I am continuing to find a good color scheme!