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March 25, 2011


YES! Thank you absolutely everyone who viewed my blog. I have gotten 240 page views today .. exceeded my 3,000 goal by 41 (last time I checked) and there's still lots of time until the day is over! You guys rock :)

So I heard that a great way to increase traffic to your website is to start something called a Blog Contest. This is where you offer a prize for people to win if they decide to enter the contest. I think I'll hold my very first blog contest right now, because you all have been so great to get me to my goal for the day!

So, my tasks for the day have just gone from lazing around to setting up a blog contest! Who knew .. this is a big moment. Let me start with an outline:

What is the prize?!
It is magnificent. You will LOVE it. I will update this shortly with a photo of your prize ..if you should be so lucky to win! Until then, you will wait on the edge of your seat for the big announcement.

Rules& Regulations
So, in order to win my magnificent prize, you have to do at least ONE of the following:
1. Comment on this post
2. Tweet this post
3. Facebook this post
4. Link this post to your own blog

Now if you happen to really, really, really want to win this prize, you can do all four of the above mentioned things to have a grand total of FOUR entries into the draw! Don't say I'm not awesome.

The contest will run for SEVEN days (1 week). It will start the minute I post this blog and will continue until April 1st. I know, that's April Fool's Day, but I promise a winner WILL be selected and really will get a prize in my first official blog contest! No jokes being played on you!
If you are selected as the winner, I require one thing; contact me ASAP with your contact info. Imagine if someone wins this who isn't my mother, Garret or one of my girlfriends!

PS Mom, Garret, girls - if you win, I don't need your contact info ;)

How very Charlie Sheen of me, no? Except I actually mean winning the contest, not twitter.
How will I select who wins? It will be 100% arbitrary. I'll use a random number generator to select a number. Everyone who enters will be given one .. and then bam! If you're lucky enough for that generator to pick your number, you're going to be the very first official blog contest winner for HalfPastWonderful :D

Now, if you DO win .. there are 2 things I'd love to do. The first is a Blog Interview with you, because hell, if I'm going to succumb to all things cliche about blogs I may as do the interview thing. BUT more importantly .. I would LOVE a photo of your prize proudly displayed in your home.

*Please note, neither of these things are required. They would simply be the icing on the cake.

Alrighty, so now we've got that whole contest thing taken care of. Best of luck to everyone who enters. Which you may as well do if you're reading this ..I mean, you're already here. All you have to do is comment (which, by the way, you don't have to register for ANYTHING). Approximately 23 seconds of your life, from start to finish!

So, I enlisted my friend Kelly to help me decide on a prize. Her suggestion was good but involved me being there personally, which started us talking about my international visitors (hi, guys! You all rock) and lead to this gem:

Kelly says (2:53 PM):
And one from the arctic
I should probably count as Russia hahahahahhahahahaa

Oh, Kelly! You make Sarah Palin proud :)
Alright, I hope people play along with me and enter into my First Official HalfPastWonderful Blog Contest! It will be fun if you help me make it be :D

PS check back for updates, including my photo of the day& a hint at the prize!


Allison said...

can't wait to hear or read the prize!

ҽӀìɑʂ ցմղէհҽɾ said...

sounds interesting...

Might as well.

Barry said...

I wanna enter!! wait - you could also give cookies as a prize!!!

Anonymous said...

This is Craig using Gail's fb account, i'm in!
Will you hand deliver the prize(s)?

Brittany said...

Did u know they have lickachick underwear? They are expensive AND inappropriate. :)

Meghan F. said...

Haha I vote you pick up the underwear! This is fun:)

Yvonne said...

Hahaha underwear ..I'll consider it!

PS Craig, under normal circumstances -not a chance. For you, however, I'll make an exception. I will hand deliver it to your door if you win!

Jaimie said...

Hahaha, will you hand deliver a prize to me?

Green Tea said...

I am totally in. No question. Since I do not have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, or my own blog, I am seriously disadvantaged. Oh well! *crosses fingers in hopes of the fabulous prize*

Tiff said...

last time i tried to get a prize from you didn't go over well. no millions won on THAT lotto max lol.

*~t!ff~* said...

Yvonne said...

Entries are being logged! Keep on coming folks :) Prize will be hilarious will the post-win interview!

Anonymous said...

aha ifinally figured uot how to comment i like your new doo now wheres my beer? lol

Sarah Kelly said...

i love contests! thanks for viewing my blog. i will most definitely also link this post to it and tweet about it :)