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February 12, 2011


Today is Saturday. Today I went to hot yoga. It was mildly hot and the temperature will increase next week. I'm not sure why, because I either:
A. wasn't listening or
B. wasn't there yet

So, here's my thing with yoga: I want to like it! I really do. I want to be a master yogi and have a perfect warrior 3. You know what I don't want to do? PRACTICE YOGA. Ugh. Every time the instructor tells me to go to my zen area, I go nowhere. Do I even HAVE a zen area? Probably not. Although it's fun in concept, I sometimes wonder when he says things like 'Downward dog is the position we recharge in.' Oh, really? I thought downward dog was self-inflicted torture.
My favorite part of yoga (aside from the poses I CAN do ..aka the ones that resemble lunges) is the end. Where we close our eyes and practice our corpse pose. We lay down and don't move while he prances around sprinkling us with yoga dust and transforming the room into a magical yoga forest. Swear to god, I'm not making this up. The room smells like pine trees and unicorn poop and I can practically HEAR the fairies. Then, after about 2 - 4 minutes, he tells us to come back to life by wiggling our toes and / or fingers. I find this part especially tragic because I so do enjoy laying on the ground like a dead person!

So then it was time to leave hot yoga and drive home. I had to do a quick detour at Garret's house to pick up my glasses and then his gas station to pick up some gas. Now I'm home and I had something else to talk about, but since getting home I've taken some photos and watched some basketball and have lost any train of thought regarding what it was.

Some random facts about my boyfriends' trip so far:
1. He had to call 911 because there was a truck that caught fire in the parking lot where they were eating supper!
2. His motorcycle is in a calendar!

Okay, so now that I have discussed my dislike for putting effort into becoming good at yoga, I will discuss my most aggravating work story. It happens ALL the time. I will write it like a screenplay:

[Sitting in chair, doing schoolwork when door dings, letting her know customer is in.]
Customer: H-hello?
Yvonne: Hi there!
Customer: Oh, what are you doing back there? Getting some close eye?
Yvonne: No, schoolwork.
Customer: Gee, so are you working hard or hardly working?
Yvonne: *frustrated laughter* Oh, you know.

How I wish the last part would really go?

Customer: Gee, so are you working hard or hardly working?
Yvonne: *stabs customer with pen* Gee, sorry. Are you hurting hard or hardly hurting?

Okay. Now that that is off my chest and on the internet, I'll probs be in jail by Monday for writing it. So keep your fingers crossed. Now it's after yoga and drive home and I took some photos for today. I'm really torn between my Doll with Issues or my Dog with Issues. I'm just doing some post-processing to them now and I will see which one I end up liking more. Now, I'm leaning towards my dog, because my doll deserve more than a quick shot taken of her. Squirt, however, HATES the camera (silly beast) and so this may be the only photo of him all year. Until I dress him up for various things and take his photo ..I'm such a good momma!

Okay, so photos have both been fixed up a little. And I love both, but I'm going to pick my dog. I love him .. and he's so sweet. Perhaps tomorrow I will focus more on my doll. Alright, so my puppy -Squirt -is my subject for the day. He is fabulous and I like this photo for some reason .. he is such a rock star!

Quick edit: I actually may be making up the part where he prances. My eyes are closed, so I'm totally just imagining the prancing part.


Donna said...

America's Next Top Dog!

Brittany said...

I LOLed big time at the magical yoga forest. :)

Anonymous said...

That pic of Squirt ROCKS!!!

*~t!ff~* said...

perfect description of the feeling of the magical yoga. i feel your pain. favorite post so far!

Anonymous said...

This is the new background on my Mac.

Yvonne said...

Comments make me so happy!
Dad - that's awesome .. Squirt is so excited to hear that news.

Donna - you might be right! I should enter the beast in some kind of TV show ahahah

mfinn said...

Here's a thought: We should tack on a supper/drink date afterwards to make up for all the planks. Life's all about balance! :)