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February 13, 2011

Today was a 2.

On a scale of 1 - 10. Do you know why it even ranks THAT high? Garret surprise visited me and then got me a tea. Out of my entire 7 hour shift, those were the sole two even slightly positive things that happened at all.

First, we're banned from reading magazines now at work because they weren't going back on the shelf. Doesn't really bother me, seeing as I usually either read a book or watched movies while I was at work. It will bother me on the days I don't have books or movies though, and want to enjoy the latest strategies for looking hot or knowing how to be hip. Oh well. So tonight, aside from trying incredibly hard not to scream or break things, I watched two documentaries. They were both very well-done and amazing.
The first was called Exit Through the Gift Shop and it was about street art and the people who do it. It was such an interesting topic and a very cool story about Banksy and Thierry and their relationship.
The second one was The Cove, I know. Everyone has either heard of it or seen it. I had heard but not seen it .. so I watched it. Amazingly sad. I encourage you to sit down and watch either one, or both preferably. Especially if you love documentaries even half as much as I do! Also, if you have any recommendations, I love all documentaries. Regardless of how strange the topic! Only requirement? That they be at least decently well produced.

So now that I have the only positive things to come from work (and really, the documentaries would have been better watched at home. No customer interruption.), time to move on to the myriad of things that have left me bitter and typing like my mother. Which means that I am using two fingers, instead of all of them. This handicap is due to a work-related injury, explained below.

So the first thing. Customers. Here is a piece of advice:
BE NICE. Seriously. People who work in the service world spend their days having the same stupid conversations over and over (weather .. traffic .. the boat ..etc), pretending you are clever (you are NOT the first person to tell me to give you a winning ticket or anything else you pat yourself on the back for thinking of. I can promise 98% of everyone has also thought of it.) and pretending we care about anything you have to say (I don't care about your life at all. Seriously. I don't.).
So when a customer is particularly rude, it is growing increasingly harder not to scream at them for the supremely ignorant behavior. I will not go through the list of rude customers I had this evening, because there were more rude than nice. I will, however, show you the prime example of rude behavior in any place with a lottery booth.

Customer comes in, buys $10 worth of tickets. Leaves. I see them sitting in their car in front of the store doors, with their lights on shining in and what are they doing? Scratching their tickets. Customer proceeds to come in SIX TIMES and buy more tickets with the winnings. I was clearly trying to close and they kept saying 'This is my last time. Sorry!'. Don't lie. It's my job to serve you, but saying it's your last time and then repeatedly coming back in just pisses me off. Also, the customer wasn't scratching the barcode we need to scan it and you know what they kept saying? 'I'm sorry. I'll scratch that next time for you!' you won't. Save your breath and just don't speak. Then I can save my energy from pretending to listen and care and focus more on not reaming you out on your behavior.

Next thing that happens at work that sucks? The mop destroyed my finger. Hence, my work-related injury. How does one hurt their finger on a mop, you ask? Allow me to explain:
1. You get really angry at stupid lottery addict.
2. They walk all over your floor.
3. They don't scratch the barcode. AGAIN.
4. You finally finishing mopping floors and dump water.
5. Putting the rinsy-mop-dewatery thing back on, it slips.
6. Your fingers get stuck in between it and promptly get crunched.
7. Along with breaking the skin, your nails also get bent back.
8. Your reflex is to rip your hand out.
9. Scream a few curse words, almost break the bathroom door by kicking it and then be incredibly glad your shift from hell is almost over.

So now I'm home and watching repeats of Criminal Minds. It is soothing. My girlfriend Meghan went to meditation yoga on Friday and I am thinking that if I continue to work my job, I may need to start joining her. Perhaps if I start meditating, I can focus my energy on my zen place instead of murder when certain customers come in! It could save me from incarceration (ps, mostly I'm kidding. I'm too scared of the consequences to hurt someone!)!

Okay, so now I have a mildly amusing story for anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory. You all know Raj right? Well if you don't, click his name and it will take you to a youtube link of him. Here's his story: He doesn't talk to women. Unless he's drunk.

Why is Raj important you ask? Well, aside from how obviously important all of the Big Bang is (insanely funny, folks. Watch it!), there is a man who I'm fairly sure they based Raj off of who comes in my store. Only he is less awkwardly adorable and more just awkward. He has never spoken to me .. when I speak to him, his eyes get big and he doesn't respond. He doesn't really look at me and only nods his head if I ask him a question that needs clarifying. Example: would you like a bag? *nods*. I always think of Raj when I see this guy and then I have to try not laugh until he leaves. Oh, and he smells like body odor. I'm pretty sure Raj doesn't. Embrace personal hygiene boys and girls!

Okay so now. My photo of the day. This is my Doll with Issues. She's the big sister and my brother got me her for Christmas. I adore her. She has curly red hair and always wears a scowl. If it wasn't for her awesome sense of style (rompers are SO in), I'd swear they based her off me! So, here she is:

She comes with a little tag that says: She's a big sister. She hugs her little brother real, real, real hard. Sometimes she holds his little hand so firmly his knuckles pop. What can she say? Sometimes love hurts.


Donna said...

I think she looks like your mother, lol! Is she wearing shoes?

Yvonne said...

Nope .. no shoes! She only has stumps, no feet aahahaha

J Hodd said...

How did Matt ever find such a fitting gift for you? I'm amazed by this doll. And her issues.

Allison said...

ok Donna you are on the nasty
love this doll....great gift Matty
It is available through Finders Keepers a nifty little shop close by