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February 11, 2011


You know I'm on top of things when my new post for the day is coming to you before Dr. Phil has even aired!! It was a good day, especially when you consider I've only slept about 3hrs.

I spent the evening curled up with A&P .. then I went to my tutorial for air quality, where we talked about engines on drag cars and how to become millionaires. We also talked about Lake Superior. I'll be honest, I left to pee at around this point so I have no idea why, when I came back, we were on google maps looking at it. So then when that class ended, I decided to pretend I didn't have to go to classes named foodborne or occ. hygiene so that I could sit in the library and study. I did .. and boy! Did I learn a lot. Like, for instance, there are way more people at my university that speak Chinese / Mandarin / Japanese than Canadian. I also learned some more applicable things in regards to my midterm, so it was not a complete loss!

I had to write my midterm in a lab, in a little backroom. It was quaint and I would love to write all my tests like that! It actually made me happier for some reason. So then I left my test and headed out into the real world. Can I just say the real is world is COLD!! It was about -20C out there and I totally wasn't expecting it. Much colder than when I headed in to the university 5hrs earlier.

Oh hey, you'll be proud to know that I did actually go to the grocery store! I did not, however, make it to the gym due to the freezing cold upon going outside. I was intending to do p90x core workout, but now Garret is coming over with my light box :) So until then I'll be watching Toddlers& Tiaras parents on Dr. Phil and uploading my photo of the day!

That's right folks. I am SO ahead of the game today that I have already even taken my photo. It is basically like a Productivity Fairy has taken over my body and I sort of like the results! So, here is my photo. Some Russian nesting dolls that mean sooo much to my family. Jk. My brother bought them for Mom one year because he wanted them for himself. They are cute though ..I especially like the tiny little one who looks so angry she's blurry!
PS we're on day 8 folks!

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