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February 10, 2011


Today I went to my two labs. The first one was foodborne, where we inoculated plates with salmonella. It was incredibly thrilling .. we had missed the previous 2 due to snow! Thanks to that, we have to go into the lab on our own time, which is never my idea of fun. So yes, this is me complaining about actually having to put in some effort. I hate effort.

After that lab ended, I went and picked up the boyfriend for a coffee and tea. My tea sucked because they forgot to put sugar in so I just poured it out. I guess I wasn't meant to treat myself this afternoon. We also drove out to the ski hill and watched the people enjoying all the snow we've gotten and made plans to go over 'reading week'. It is in quotations because I have never read during that week, at least not school related things ahah Garret is a good snowboarder and I suck. Last year I went with Suzie and Meg was awesome. We sucked so bad we couldn't get past the bunny hill, we couldn't use the rope to pull ourselves up so we had to take our boards off and WALK up the hill every time we got to the bottom. Ski instructors actually felt bad for us and taught us how to do it in between teaching the kiddies that were there. Yeahhh .. but on the bright side, it was completely hilarious!

So then I had to head back to the university to face air quality lab. I thought it might be painful, it wasn't. 42 minutes long :) After that I headed home .. had some lunch / supper .. watched Dr. Phil and tried to nap. I think I fell asleep for about 4 minutes. Not that I think sleeping would have actually helped me feel better, it just would have been nice. Especially since I now have to curl up with anatomy& physiology for a few hours. I can't wait to write this and just take tomorrow off. I'm not even going to LOOK at anything related to public health until Saturday, when I have to start studying for foodborne.

On the bright side .. Saturday is my second attempt to attend hot yoga! The last one, as per my post following it, did not go as planned. I am incredibly excited for it .. due to the mass amount of course work + trying to take a photo, I have been slack on heading to the gym. I also desperately need to go buy myself some groceries. I have to make sure to do that tomorrow. I also have to get my light box from Garret before he heads out to Moncton so I can play with that for the next few photos.

And that wraps up what I have to say about today really. Now, onto my photo of the day. I am trying to play with long exposures .. however, I am also trying to time manage until I get caught back up with school and get healthy. This sore throat is really leaving me feeling exhausted for some reason. So, now that X-Weighted is over, I am taking that as my cue to actually go study. I leave you with my day 7 photo of Project 365 :)


mfinn said...

2 sleeps!

Also, just came across this 'design your own camera bag'... feel it's right up your alley

Yvonne said...

You are correct! I love it actually .. may need to purchase one of those bad boys so I can look stylish while I cart my massive camera around ahaha