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February 09, 2011

Another day .. another storm!

So today I woke up at 3.30AM. Then I managed to sleep a bit more, woke up at 6.30AM and lazed in bed until it was time to wake up and face the world. Now, can you just imagine my surprise when CBU had yet ANOTHER storm day?! Well .. I curled right back up in my bed and watched Big Bang Theory and did absolutely nothing productive.

So then, I had a hair appointment at 1PM. It was a big mix up, but the end result is that I managed to get a new hair color and cut. It is still styled hairdresser way, have to let the dye sit in my skull for a day or something before I can wash it. The hairdresser was shocked that I don't shampoo my hair, then again that shocks a lot of people. I like to color, whether or not I'll like the cut will depend on when I wash and style it myself. All I know is that I do not like it as much as Erin. Please, come back to me ahaha finding a new hairdresser is exhausting.

Basically, that was my entire day. I also took a bunch of photos for my 365 and ended up with something decent but not really awesome. I'm going to use it anyway though for 2 major reasons:
1. I love the idea behind it
2. I have to write a paper this evening

So, a short short life update. Again for 2 reasons:
1. I have to write a paper this evening
2. I am getting sick so I want to finish early so I can sleep!

Can you believe it's day 6 of this project already?! Only 349 to go .. that's practically like I'm halfway finished!! So, here we go. Smoke from incense. It was my first attempt and I was REALLY rushed. I'm going to redo this one, only pick a better shooting location and dedicate more time to it.

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J Hod said...

Neat. I love my patchouli incense.