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October 25, 2012


See guys? I really meant it when I said I would be sticking the blogging this time :)
Today Penny& I hit up all the pet stores within reasonable driving distance ..but not because I'm a crazy dog lady. Okay, only a little because I'm a crazy dog lady. I had to get her a coat (no, seriously. I hate dogs in coats but she literally shivers because she has no undercoat), return a ChuckIt& buy her dog food.

We had to go to a different store for each of these tasks to be accomplished. So, I decided to start with PetValu which is where her sweet little sweater came from. It just opened on Monday so off we went to see what they had. They had lots of food, treats, collars, leashes& coats. They didn't have the kind of food we feed Miss Penny (Fromm Puppy). So, I put her in a coat in the store to test her reaction.

I think she likes it. I loved the blue on her but it lead to so many people in the store assuming that she was a boy ..poor Penny was going to end up with a complex. So we opted for the beige/ light purple one instead. That may make people realize she's a little lady! She is also still wearing a blue collar but I'm going to switch it to her black one.

Then, after we figured out which coat ($28 for a knitted coat she's going to grow out of in a few weeks ..this makes my heard sad), we headed off to return the ChuckIt to Pets Unlimited. They also don't sell Penny's puppy food and I hate supporting them so I was more than happy to take my money& run. We hit up Global Pet Foods, bought Penny's food& the fun could begin! We drove to the hiking trails, threw her coat on her& headed in for some serious trail running. Okay, I walked because I wasn't really dressed for running but boy oh boy did Penny zoom.

Then she fell halfway in a river. Thankfully, the coat was not a causality! She managed to just fall face first in then get her front& back feet under her before was she up to her belly in river water. She shook it off& carried on. Here she is proudly showing off her sit/stay skills ..on a 2x4 (or something) no less! Clearly, she is a tough cookie. I would have been crying if I fell face first in a river.

I should have really brought my real camera ..but I didn't want to have to carry it around while I chased my crazy beast in& out of the trails. Instead, I tried to make my crappy cellphone camera work for me instead of against me. I don't have an iPhone or a Galaxy so no stellar captures for me. I guess that was my lesson to stop being such a baby& just grab the dSLR from the trunk...

...beacause any movement at all made it blurry. In this case, she looks a little like a demon or something similar. Poor babe.

So, how are you folks spending your autumn days? If you have an animal, do you put it in clothes? Penny had a blast running around in her little knitted sweater this afternoon!

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