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March 28, 2012

Quarterly Five


Or your animal if, like me, you have no little people that share your genetics. Lots of people will be posting tons of gorgeous photos of their beautiful children. I've just got my dog. Is he beautiful? Hardly. Why do I still love him? Occupational hazard from raising him. So, the point to this little challenge? Pick your five best shots from January- March& post them. In no particular order, here are my top five of the stinker.

1. Ballet- something about the expression on the dogs face in this shot -and maybe a little the fact that he's wearing a tutu really makes me smile. I love the colors in it& I loved how tolerant he was at this particular time. It was like he really understood my need for a photo of him in a ballet outfit ;)

2. A tisket, a tasket- A something, something basket. I am not really good with rhymes for little children ..namely because I don't have any. This is a photo of my dog in basket with a scarf for an accessory. I love that scarf, which may be why I love this photo? I'm not entirely certain! The look on his face says 'I hate my life' which makes me laugh out loud.

3. Sick& tired- of playing model in the light box, perhaps? I am not sure but I knew as soon as I got some free First Aid goodies from Red Cross, that I had to make my dog look as pathetic as possible. Did I succeed? I'm not sure ..what do you think? I love his missing ear! Clearly, I edit every single photo of my dog the same way. Oops.

4. Different- okay. I have a double-take shot for you guys. Here's Squirt photographing Squirt. It was a moment of genius if I do say so myself! He cracks me up ..I had to fight for this shot. He was soo not into playing model and I was definitely not waiting until the next day to capture this. My motivation would have been gone by then! I apologize for the tilted photo.

5. Recent- My most recent photo of my dog (as of March 15,when I wrote this post!) which I just love. I love my newest prop& I love the look on his face. He was so confused about why I had treats in my hand but wasn't giving them to him. He stood perfectly still to deliver this shot. Good dog.

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